Apr 6, 2013

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Black Dagger Brotherhood Info From JR Ward’s Cincinnati Signing

*Heads up.  MAJOR spoilers from Lover at Last ahead.  Heck, from the whole Black Dagger Brotherhood series!  So proceed with caution.*

I know you guys have seen this many times over the past week across blogland but I thought I would gather all of the info from JR Ward’s Cincinnati signing and put what I considered to be the most interesting tidbits in one post.  And I give my two cents about some of the info here and there too.  So let’s just get right to it.


thekingmadeupThe first thing that was asked, of course, was the title and the H/h of the next book.  Apparently there was some confusion because Ward first announced the title thinking it would make things obvious.  But it didn’t.  The title of the 2014 Black Dagger Brotherhood release is THE KING.  Many thought ‘Trez!’ since we found out that he is actually slated to be the king of the Shadows.  But alas, the news is better.  The H/h of The King will be Wrath and Beth!  We are going to tag along as they decide to try to have a baby.  This brings up many questions especially with the info we receive in Lover at Last about how the heir must be pure blooded and all that jazz.  But what would a BDB book be without a little ??? and O-o thrown in?  I like the idea of re-visiting past couples.  At least, the couples I enjoy.  Example, as much as I like Rehv and Ehlena, I’m not sure I would want another book about them.  But Wrath and Beth is cool with me.  And The King will not just be about ‘making a baby’.  There will be throne stuff too.  She originally thought about doing Wrath & Beth AND Trez & Selena in one book but decided that Selena was not developed enough as a character to have a book yet.  Good call imo.

(You can watch a short video of Ward announcing the next book here.)

Apparently we are not finished with Qhuinn and Blay.  They will be mated and they have other issues that they need to work out.  Yay to mating.  Boo to issues 😉

When Saxton was mentioned, Ward said a big KEEP READING!!!  Apparently it was Saxton’s father who called Xcor and gave shared the little tidbit about the old laws.  His father!!!  Does that mean that Saxton is not estranged from his family as we thought and that he is sharing info with his father?!  I hope not because I really like Saxton!  I don’t want to suddenly have to hate him.

Ward has finished Rhage and Mary’s novella.  It’s 146 pages long and we should be seeing it shortly.

Ward claims she doesn’t know how Layla’s pregnancy will ultimately go.  I assumed it would go well what with Payne doing her glowy magic but apparently things may still go wrong.  I hope not though.  Once was enough for me.  Let the girl have a healthy pregnancy!  When asked how things will go with Layla and Qhuinn and Blay and Xcor and the baby, Ward gave her typical answer:  keep reading.

Sola is not related to Manny or Butch and is 100% human.

Ward claims to adore Assail.  And she claims that his cousins are ‘effing hot’.  That’s not quite how I pictured them.  I immediately pictured them tall and burly hillbillies and that stuck.  Apparently I got it wrong lol.

There will be more Qhuinn and Luchas moments.  They will return to their house and face their past.

The glymera chick who ‘serviced’ the Band of Bastards and Assail will be in future books.

Ward claims that none of the sex scenes between Qhinn and Blay were cut out.  What she wrote is what we got.

Someone asked if we will find out more about Butch and Manny’s father and whether or not there are more siblings and to that, Ward gave her usual answer:  keep reading.

Layla is definitely a Fallen Chosen.  When asked if Phury will do better by the Chosen, she said – you guessed it – keep reading.

Will Butch get another book?  Apparently yes, and we’ll see some closure for him and José.  I like the idea of closure.  Not sure how I feel about another Butch book.  He’s okay but he’s not one of my favorite Brothers.  Sorry Butch.

When asked if there was a chance that Blay, Payne and Xhex could be inducted into the Brotherhood Ward said yes.

Someone asked if the Scribe Virgin would make an appearance in The King (since we didn’t see her in Lover at Last) and Ward said she wasn’t sure yet but that something needs to be done with her.  After all, Wrath still owes her that favor…

Ward was asked straight up if a major character will die and she just said:  keep reading.  She really wanted to say more but was told not to.  She even crouched on the floor because she really wanted to say more.  Well boo, I don’t think I like that.  At all.  Yes, good authors can kill off major characters and eventually get forgiven for doing so but I’m not sure I would be okay with it in this series.  I am way too attached to the Brothers and their friends and mates.  Way too attached…  But maybe she means someone other than a main major character.  Maybe she means iAm or Throe or something…

When asked if Thor and Xcor were brothers, Ward did not give her usual “keep reading”, she just didn’t say anything.  Hmm…

We’re still not sure what is up with those coffins in the garage but Ward ‘thinks’ they may be explained in The King.  About time 😉

Apparently, Boo is more than just a cat. I never even considered that!  But Ward is not prepared to say reveal exactly what he is yet.


So that is what I found the most interesting from what I read about the signing.  But man there was a lot more!  You can read a bit more info on JR Ward’s Facebook page and read Liza’s amazing recap here and Mahlet’s awesome recap here.

Now I want to hear from you.  What do you guys think about the next book?  Do you like revisiting past couples?  If yes, what other couples would you want a book about?  What do you think about Saxton?  Anything else jump out at you?

  1. Ann-Catrin Sköld says:

    Ooooooh! Interesting! 🙂

    I believe that “The King” will be about how BDB secure the throne despite the Xcor and the Glymera threats.
    AND about a baby! 😀

    Quinn and Blay issues… well, what about how to handle the societys reactions to Quinn becoming a Brother and Quinn and Blay’s mating?
    AND Layla’s pregnancy…. and the baby (of course the baby will be born!!)

    Saxton… I like him too and I believe he will help secure the throne for Wrath. It might not be easy for him to fight his family and the Glymera, but he will do the right thing. AND now I believe he will find love too. 🙂

    I´m glad to read that Blay, Payne and Xhex might be inducted into the Brotherhood – it´s about time, not only for Blay but for the women too don’t you think?

    When it comes to Assail and his cousins… I pictured the cousins like you did. And Assail… I DO NOT like that he’s dealing drugs, so I’m not sure I’m interested in a book about him.
    But I would like to know about Xcor’s second in command! What’s his name again?

    And Boo? More than a cat? NOW i’m curious! 😀

  2. Oh yes! I’m happy, I can’t get enough of these books. I’m glad to see plenty of material to keep this series going 🙂 I’m a total sucker for J.R. Wards’ writing.

  3. Sophie Y says:

    Firstly I loved Lover at Last, the only small negative was the amount of jumping from one story arc to another, I understand why she did it, but sometimes it was frustrating, I just wanted to know about Quinn and Blay!

    I like that we’re going to revisit Wrath and Beth, I always like it when we get glimpses of them in the other books! I don’t want to have a new book for each couple though, I would be happy to get a chapter here and there to find out what’s been happening with the others! (maybe a little more for Zhadist :))

    I have mixed feelings on Assail, I like his chemistry with Sola, but I’m not sure I really want to read a whole book about them, same with Trez. Would rather hear about Xcor to be honest.

  4. Revisiting old couples? Sight, I mean that is why I hated Rhev’s book and gave up on the series.

  5. Thanks for the overview! I was too lazy to piece all of this together myself so thank you for doing it for me. Hehe

  6. Thanks! yes!!! to more Blay and Qhuinn.

  7. I welcome more books on the characters we love. Butch is one of my favourites and would enjoy another book. His relationship with v is hilarious and can see a further twist coming. Really want to know the deal with coffins. If you read her angels series the cat should be no suprise. One thing that bothers me Why is everyone suddenly getting fingerprint locks??? Assail , Xcor on the gun vampires have no fingerprints !!

  8. I love Butch!!! <3

  9. Latonia Clayton says:

    I have always loved JR Ward books since the beginning but now I fear the brothers are getting a bit ghetto and trashy. I hated the theme song she has for Wrath! that song does not represent Wrath @ all in my opinion. I don’t like the Layla and Xcor pairing it should have been Throe. Come on JR you know in real life it would have been Throe people like what looks good. I hate Layla anyway she has always been weak in my opinion. She messed up Quinn image to me too.

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