Apr 29, 2013

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Question – Who Are Your Favorite “One-Name” Characters?


I talked about Roarke in my Question last week and he’s going to play a role in my Question this week too.

One-name characters.  These are characters that may have a second name but you only ever need to say their first name and everyone will know who you are talking about.  And everyone will either cower or swoon.

Some examples would be:





These are characters that are almost iconic.  Characters that will still be strong in our minds well after we become old grannies.

The men I named are the one-name characters that first come to mind for me.  They are my favorites.  But what about women?

I find there aren’t as many female characters who have such unique and distinct names and that are only attached to one person.  Take Kate for example.  I automatically think Kate Daniels, but does everyone?  But say the name “Acheron” and there is only one.  Xhex is one who is definitely unique but would you call her iconic?  I think the closest might be Mercy from Patricia Briggs’ series.  She is remarkable.  Secret from Sierra Dean’s series would be another one that might work.

How about you?  Who are your favorite “one-name” characters?  Can you think of any female characters that might fit the bill?

  1. Heather C says:

    First name that came to my mind was Mercy. How about Simi and Artemis?

  2. Terrible of course!

  3. Heather C says:

    I’ve got another one…Katniss!!!

  4. Curren & Barrons.

  5. The ones you name of course then Raphael from Angel’s Blood and all his Angels seem to have only one name.

  6. Wrath, Curran, Kate, yes to Ash, Gin… 🙂

  7. Sookie is the most notable.
    I think Xhex is a great one, Ivy from The Hollows, Evalle from Belador, and Elena from The Otherworld (has unlimited potential w/TV series coming out). Mercy is good, but there are several series in other genres that have female leads named Mercy.

  8. Readsalot81 says:

    Curran and Tybalt are ones that spring immediately to mind 🙂

  9. I just started the Night Huntress series so my favorite of the moment would have to be Bones.

  10. Heather – Simi! Good one. And Catniss is great too!

    Allison – Of course!

    Michele – Same as me 🙂

    Diane – You are right about his angels. I had not thought of them.

    twimom – Wrath! Good one.

    Nikki – Sookie! I forgot about her. Good call!

    Readsalot – Tybalt made my think of Shakespeare which made me think that he has a lot of memorable character names in his plays!

    Jen – Bones. Mmm…

  11. Bones. The best one name character out there.

    Female one names…hmm. Arwen.
    Aaaaand my brain is too tired to think of more.

  12. Jessica says:

    This is a tough one, especially for female characters. For almost every fictional woman, I can immediately think of their last name, even if it’s not used very often. Like Mercy Thompson, Secret McQueen, and Katniss Everdean (SP?). The only girl I can think of that goes by a single name (because it IS her last name) is Merit. Which I guess is also true of Barrons and Roarke. So I guess you have to either go by your last name or have a nick name that everyone uses exclusively (like Bones) to make the “one name” tag stick. For me the most iconic one name characters (people who have a single name so strong, it almost takes on a personality of its own) would be Barons, Merit, Terrible, and of course Bones. Honorable mention might be Disco (aka Gabriel) from the Rhiannon’s Law series.


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