Apr 24, 2013

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Guest Post: Amanda Carlson Talks TV plus giveaway

hotbloodedThe second book in Amanda Carlson’s Jessica McClain series, Hot Blooded, released yesterday!  Wooooooot!  (You can check out my review here) It really is an exciting installment and I honestly think that fans of urban fantasy shifter stories would enjoy this series.

I am very happy to have Amanda here again today. I had the pleasure of meeting her last summer and let me tell you, she was always smiling and a bundle of energy.  She was so cute.  Today she is here to chat about something most of us count as our second most enjoyable hobby: television.

Take it away Amanda!

Writers look forward to their downtime like crack. When I’m stuck on a plotline, my mind wanders—inevitably to food & entertainment. I can get up and retrieve a bag of potato chips to fill the creative void, but I don’t usually turn on the TV. I save that for dessert. There’s nothing better than snuggling in to watch my favorite show, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

These are the Top 10 TV Shows I look forward to every week:

10. Breaking Bad: We just bought a Roku player for Christmas, which means we can finally buy cable shows. This one happens to be on Netflix, but Roku has opened up my TV world considerably. I must admit, however, this show can only be watched in small doses. My stomach is clenched throughout most of the viewing! But I can’t turn away. It has excellent writing and acting. I’m several seasons behind, so no spoilers!

9. Amazing Race: An oldie, but goodie. My husband would ROCK on this show. It hasn’t gotten old to me yet.

8. 30 Rock: So sad Tina Fey has hung up her hat. I’ve loved 30 Rock from the very beginning. There hasn’t been an episode I haven’t laughed out loud. I will miss it, but love catching it in syndication. It’s not like Seinfeld or Friends, I actually like re-watching it. When it comes on after the news, I’m hooked.

7. Modern Family: Phil Dunpfy is my hero. His delivery is genius. The writers on that show should win an award every year. Clever cast, clever dialog—there’s never a dull moment with that gang.

6. SNL: I’m still a fan. When Kristen Wiig left it was a bit of a travesty, as they hadn’t had talent like that in a long time, but I still look forward to it every week. I always giggle.

5.  Whitney: I. love. Whitney. I think the writing and her delivery are spot on. She makes me laugh every time. I love all her sidekicks. The show makes me smile.

4. The Voice: I was skeptical that Usher and Shakira could fill the roles, but I ended up loving them. They fit right in. (Usher needs to put that knee down.) I find Shakira enduring and genuine. Love the banter on this show and the voices of talent are amazing.

3.  Duck Dynasty: Just discovered this one on spring break! Hotel didn’t have HBO or AMC (see below), so we caught a few episodes of DD and fell in love. Si is a family favorite, but my heart lies with Jace.

2. Game of Thrones: My Roku can’t stream HBO the day after *sniffle, sniffle* so we have to wait until the entire season goes to DVD.  It’s sooooo hard to wait, but this is one of our number one shows.  My husband has read the entire series, but I kind of like being in the dark. My neighbors are going away for Memorial Day weekend, and I just may have to sneak in and watch their On Demand. Shhh.

1. The Walking Dead: Bar none my favorite show. So sad the season’s over. This show is the reason we got Roku player in the first place. I can watch it commercial free the day after it airs. I have to stay off Twitter and facebook on Sundays, but it’s worth it! My Daryl Dixon obsession knows no bounds. If he dies, I will riot.

In my queue to watch: Girls & Justified.

Any good shows I’m missing?  What are your favorites?

fullbloodedThank you so much for stopping by Amanda!  I can’t say I have seen many of the shows on your list but I hear they are all amazing.  You seem to have great taste. 

Thanks for having me on the blog today! HOT BLOODED just released yesterday (4/23) and I’m so excited to share it with everyone.

Now it’s my turn to answer Amanda’s questions.  Me, I don’t watch much TV.  I don’t have time!  lol  But I do PVR a couple of shows that I watch over the week while I’m eating lunch during the babies’ naptime.  I love Big Bang Theory but because of my lack of time issue, I got away from watching it.  Lately I’m recording all of the old episodes that I can find as well as the new ones and getting caught up on the series.  It’s SO funny!  I also record and watch a Canadian show titled The Rick Mercy Report.  Rick is a comedian/journalist.  He tours Canada visiting many Canadian cities and villages and highlights all things Canada.  He also has awesome rants, great interviews and tons of political stabs.  And in true Canadian fashion, everyone just takes it with a smile.  It’s a great show.

Now it’s your turn to answer Amanda’s question.  What are your favorite TV shows?

While you’re here, you can enter to win one of five ‘Pack’ t-shirts.  Not many will own one of these so that makes them extra special!  Just fill out the ballot below and you’re in!

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amandacarlsonHere’s where you can find Amanda –

  1. Thanks for the contest Amanda.
    My favorite TV show is Supernatural. Those Winchester boys are so hot and they’re always fighting a demon, ghost, or vampire.
    I’m going to have to go and check out your books. They look great.

  2. Bonnie, I’ve only seen one episode of Supernatural, I think I have to try it again. It’s a favorite of many. If you jump into the series, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for commenting!

  3. My absolute favorite tv show is Scandal. I can’t get enough of it! So smart and fast paced. It’s the only show I actually put down my book and give 100% of my attention to.

  4. Janie McGaugh says:

    I love Castle and Big Bang Theory.

  5. Oh some nice series! I also love Revenge, this one is one I always wait for every week.

  6. Love The Walking Dead and Justified.

    I’ve been catching up on Supernatural on Netflix. REALLY GOOD and HOT MEN. LOL

    You might enjoy Lost Girl. It’s a paranormal show about a succubus. I believe seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix.

    The Following is great too.

  7. @Jennifer I haven’t heard of Lost Girl, but I may have to check it out. I watched The Following a few times and I love Kevin Bacon, but it’s on at a bad time because I keep missing it, LOL.

    @Janie I need to try Castle. I love me some Nathan Fillion!! I’ve heard great things.

    @Liz I haven’t tried Scandal. I’ll have to put it on my list.

    @Melliane I’ve only seen the previews for Revenge. I loved that actress in the last show she did and couldn’t make the leap, LOL. It does look gritty.

  8. Fun post! Game of Thrones is an incredible show. Have you seen Vikings? And a light funny guilty pleasure is New Girl.

  9. Northwoman says:

    There are many shows I enjoy. But number one is SONS OF ANARCHY!

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