May 20, 2013

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Question Revisited – Are You Cooler Online?

I thought seeing that this is my 3rd Blogoversary week, I would pick one of my favorite ever Questions to ask you today. This one went live in January 2011 and it still holds true. I love knowing about your book and reading habits but seeing that we spend a few minutes together almost every day, I sometimes like to change it up and ask you questions that help us get to know each other a bit better on a personal level. Nothing creepy or invasive – just fun.  Like whether or not you eat your crusts on your toast or whether or not you like the color pink.  This week I am not asking you one of those questions but I am asking a question about YOU. 

I also thought this was a great Question to ask today since I have met some of you in person last year and will hopefully meet more of you at future conventions and found it interesting to see how different your online selves are vs your ‘real’ selves.

Without further ado, here is my Question for you this week.  An ‘oldie’ but a ‘goodie’ 😉

In the year 2011, 2013 we all suffer from multiple personality disorders.  Each and every one of us – mostly.  Now don’t go and get all insulted on me now.  Let me explain.  We all have at least two distinct personalities: our Real Life personality (or RL) and our Online personality.  Now some of you may have more than just the two, but these are the two that are the most common.

Now in RL, some of us are deathly shy, or always crotchety, or living with our parents at the age of 47.  But online, none of that matters.  You can befriend anyone you want and not think twice.  You can be a bitch and everyone will think you’re funny.  And you can decide not tell anyone that you are living with your parents at the age of 47.  Hell, you can tell people you are 27 and live in a mansion in the middle of Montreal!  The point is, you can be whoever you want to be online and none would be the wiser.  Basically, you can be a lot cooler online.

How about me?  Well, it’s pretty much what you see if what you get.  I really do run a daycare in my home.  I really do have two kids and a husband.  I really do live in Canada (if I didn’t, why then would I have a maple leaf tattooed on my lower back?).  I’m a little shy (still) in person.  It’s strange but I can stand up in front of a crowd and give a seminar like it’s no biggie, but one on one or in a small group of people, I take a few minutes to warm up.  I’m the same online.  I don’t want to intrude.  I don’t want to step on toes.  I want everyone to feel comfortable with me and I want everyone to feel as though they can talk to me about anything.  I have many quirks.  I am a creature of comfort.  I don’t like being spontaneous.  I need to plan.  I have a sarcastic wit.  I don’t like practical jokes or tacky jokes.  I like to laugh with people and not at people.  Mostly, I like to make people laugh and feel good about themselves.  My family is my number one priority.  My me time is very precious to me (basically my books and my blog) because I went so long without.  I have the best parents on the planet and feel blessed each and every day for having them in my life.  They are among my best friends.  I adore my kids.  They are smarter than me and I don’t mind.  They are my joy.  My husband buys me books.  Need I say more?  How I write my articles is how I speak in RL.  I do speak French but I don’t have an accent.  I love where I live and would never consider moving anywhere else.  Ever.  I prefer having a small close circle of friends to having hundreds and hundreds of friends.  I am a happy person.  Chances are, even if at this very moment I am elbow deep in something nasty the babies or the toddlers left me, I am happy.

So that is me.  How about you?  Are you cooler online?

  1. blodeuedd says:

    ..nope 😉

  2. Hah! Well, I definitely seem smarter and more together and funner online, because I can take a moment to think…or a minute. or five. And in books, too!

    Also, Happy Blogaversary!!

  3. I’m much more sillier on line. 😉

    Happy blogversary to one of the best bloggers I know!

  4. Readsalot81 says:

    Am I cooler? lol nope. I like what Carolyn said 😀 Online, I’m more welcoming, nicer, less bitchy than I am in person. Go figure.=)

  5. Jessica says:

    I’d say I’m equally Uncool online and in RL. LOL

    I’m too am very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get person online and in RL. One of the greatest compliments I can give anyone is to call them “genuine” and it’s how I try to be in every area of my life. Online and otherwise.

    I’m a geek and a goof. I work in IT managing e-mail servers for a living – it doesn’t get much more geeky than that. I’m also a computer gamer and a reader. Not convinced on my epic nerdiness? Well then, take this… I have a sword collection. Ha! 😀

    I’m married to a non-geek husband. He’s brilliant, and wonderful. He doesn’t always get my love of books, but he gives me the space to enjoy them, so I have no complaints. We have a house, an amazing dog, but no kids, and no desire for them.

    I spent most of my life moving with my family, but now live in California. It’s a lovely state, and by far one of the most amazing places I lived. I love how beautiful and temperate it is, and how open minded the general populace is.

    I’m painfully shy, but I hide it well in social situations. I learned at an early age, asking questions and showing a genuine interest in people was a great way to come across as an extravert when I’m really about as introverted as they come. Case and point, I often prefer the company of books or computers games to the company of people.

    Like you, Julie. I have a small circle of people I consider friends, and I like it that way.

    Sadly, I have no sense of humor at all. Or rather, no ability to be humorous. In my heart of hearts, I wish I was possessed a sarcastic wit, but I’m far too literal minded, and think about what I say too much to be truly funny. I love laughing though and greatly appreciate people that have the type of wit I lack.

    I am perhaps a bit more hash in my reviews than I’d ever be to someone’s face. I enjoy analyzing things, and digging into things, I also enjoy expressing righteous indignation in reviews, but if I were face to face with an author, I’d be terribly worried about hurting their feelings. Perhaps I should be nicer in my reviews, eh?

    Despite the impression my reviews may give, I truly do care about the feelings of others. I want the people around me to be happy and feel comfortable. I want to add more light to the world, than darkness.

    And I think that about sums me up. : ) Thanks for this great question, Julie. I really loved reading your answer.

  6. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    No. I definitely do not think I am cooler online. What you see is what you get. The only difference is, you can’t really tell how loud I am on Twitter.

  7. About the same I think; I’m shy, don’t talk much, keep my opinions to myself. But I love reading about everyone else!

  8. I definitely come across cooler online (like FB) because I only post the interesting stuff! Nobody wants to read that I spent the entire day reading or ironing clothes but they do want to know what new bar/restaurant I went to, or funny stories from work, or big news. But my blog is all me – what I read, what I wear, stories of my life. If it’s boring, it’s boring, but it’s the whole truth!
    And BTW, I absolutely LOVE pink. All shades. All the time. Clothes, nail polish, purses, toothbrush, my dog’s sweater, etc. 🙂

  9. I think Im just as weird online as I am in person. There really is not a lot of differences. Like Jen Im quiter only because I cant type talk loud. Not that I yell but my normal speaking volume is loud. Im a professor so its habit. I cherish my family, books and my work. I love being outdoors when I read and most of my adventures go on in my head. After reading everyone elses response, well …I feel less weird but not completely normal. Thanks for sharing. Did the answers differ from 2 years ago? This topic reminds me of the Brad Paisley song “online”.

  10. As anyone who has met me off-line will agree with—I AM MUCH COOLER ONLINE!

    Seriously, I am just not funny without an edit button (and I am only somewhat funny then). Plus I have this funny little line in which I can only handle so much “social” so I often disappear LOL

  11. I don’t think I’m really that different in real life. I speak a lot lol, really really a lot. But well I write a lot on the internet too so it’s quite the same. But it’s true that in real lie I don’t speak than much about books, I try to control myself lol. But otherwise it’s still me!

  12. blodeuedd – Nice 😉

    Carolyn – Thank goodness for that moment to think. I use that a lot too when I’m online lol

    KT – Aw, thanks Katie. I think you’re pretty cool ‘offline’ 🙂

    Readsalot – I think people tend to be more frustrating in person. You can walk away easily from your computer but you can’t always walk away from that annoying person in real life lol

    Jessica – I agree that being told you are genuine is a wonderful compliment. You have a sword collection?! I find that cool! What a great trick! Ask questions in a social situation and you’ll come across as being less shy! Smarty pants, I like that one. I like your reviews. You’re honest. I loved your answer too. Now I know more about you! 🙂

    Jen – I think you can tell how loud you can get via twitter – it’s in your passion 😉

    Diane – Reading about others is fun, isn’t it. 🙂

    Liz – Very good point about being more interesting online sometimes because you pick what you post. I do the same on facebook on my personal page too. I don’t post the ‘eyes closed and looking extremely drunk’ photos. I only post the best and I always think very hard before hitting ‘enter’ for my status updates lol.

    Jamie – “Can’t type talk loud” lol I love that! And funny you mention that song. I actually had that video attached to my original post!

    Felicia – Gotta love that edit button lol

    melliane – Oh yes! I definitely talk about books SO much more online!

  13. I’m pretty much the same in person as I am online…..

    At least I think so. You meet me. What do you think?

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