May 27, 2013

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Question – Do You Have A Reading Quirk?

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Okay.  I bet you’re looking at my Question this week and wondering what the heck I mean by it.  Well, let me explain.  A reading quirk is something you do while reading that some might think of as quirky.

Examples may include tapping your foot or chewing gum or always sitting in the same spot in the same way or wearing the same pair of socks every time you read or only ever using one specific bookmark because the last time you didn’t use that bookmark the book your read sucked.

You see – quirky.

When I read in my chair I always have to have a blanket on my lap.  And when I really get into a book I notice that I scrunch up the blanket in my fist while reading.  It’s like my stress reliever while I read.  That would be my reading quirk.

What about you?  Do you have a reading quirk?

  1. I always sit in the same spot, usually with a cup of tea that is cold by the time I actually drink it.

  2. I guess this qualifies as a quirk: Even though I have a (hand-me-down) Kindle, I much prefer to read books on my laptop with Kindle for PC (note: try to avoid Kindle for Windows 8). I’m the kind of reader who likes to check on everything I come across thats unfamiliar. Right now I’m reading Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward, and had to find out what Aubusson carpets are, what a “boho” dress looks like and exactly what color a citrine is. When Kirsten Ashley names a song that a character cranks up on her iPod, I always want to listen as I read. It’s ruined me for print.

  3. Hm…nope I really do not know. Though I do always (maybe) use a blanket when reading

  4. That’s not so bad. I hate leaving anything unfinished. I have a REALLY hard time stopping mid-sentence, I must finish the chapter. LOL

  5. Hmm…cute question. Makes me think, and the blanket thing I do. Perfect to snuggle in deeper when I reach tense parts 🙂 Other than that, I do go on streaks of the same book mark, and if it is winter I like to have a cup of tea. Quirky? Maybe just endearing.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hmmm… I don’t think I have anything that truly qualifies as an “adorable or endearing quirk” but I do have a few things that could qualify as reading eccentricities:

    1. I have a favorite sweater I wear while reading (if it’s chilly enough)

    2. I love drinking tea while reading. Generally I’ll head up stairs after my husband falls asleep with a cup of earl grey or English breakfast tea, and curl up for a good night of reading. It’s my favorite time of the day.

    3. I tend to curl up more depending on how intense the book is. If there’s a particularly exciting scene in the book, I’ve been known to be in an almost upright fetal position – knees to chest, shoulders hunched, book held far too close to my face.

    4. I talk to my books – mostly at the scenes where the hero or heroine is acting stupidly.

  7. Diane – I imagine if I drank tea it would get cold too 🙂

    Mzcue – I LOVE that you research while reading. I imagine that would make the visual in your mind so much richer. Such a good idea!

    blodeuedd – Blanket!

    Carmel – LOL I love that. I hate leaving mid-chapter but sometimes I have not choice. Okay, often I have no choice lol.

    Lexi – I like endearing 😉

    Jessica – Your favorite time of day sounds absolutely wonderful. And I love that you curl up when you really get into a book. So cute. 🙂

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