May 30, 2013

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Guest Post – The Bookaholic Cat Shares Her Hottest Hot-Hot Hotties

I may not be one to sit at my computer and search out photos of yummy men for fun as some of you do but that doesn’t mean I am immune to a nice set of abs.  Yes, I may squirm and feel slightly awkward when blog hopping and suddenly a pair of perfect pecs show up on the screen, but that doesn’t mean I will close my eyes to avoid seeing a beautiful manly specimen.

One time that I definitely don’t avert my eyes from the screen is on Tuesdays when Marcela posts her Hot-Hot Hotties post on her blog The Bookaholic Cat.  She has an impeccable eye for all things yummy and she has the tough job of finding the yummiest of the yummy and sharing it with us every week.  Poor poor Marcela…the things she does for us.

She and I may not always agree on what man is the sexiest or the most beautiful but I must admit that Marcela has great taste in men.  I thought it would be fun to her to share with us her top picks – her Hottest Hot-Hot Hotties if you will.

She accepted my challenge and she is here to share her picks with us today.  (And by the way, you can click on the images and it will take you to Marcela’s original posts where you can view even more photos of these extra hot hotties).

Welcome Marcela!

Hola Julie, thank you very much for inviting me to your blog.

As you said before I have the very difficult job of looking for Hot-Hot Hotties every week, let me tell you that is not an easy job, but somebody has to do it.  That’s what I tell DH every time he sees me working hard on my computer looking for my next Hot-Hot Hottie.  He just rolls his eyes, I’m not sure he believes me.

Number one –

Bruno Cabrerizo

Your first pick for your yummiest Hot-Hot Hottie is Bruno Cabrerizo.  What is it about him that made you choose him for your list (as if I really have to ask ;))

I think what I like the most about Bruno Cabrerizo is his eyes; their color not only makes a great contrast with his skin but also they are naughty eyes, the way he looks at you is full of sinful promises.

I also like that he has a good boy look, until you look at his eyes. *swoon*

I totally see what you mean.  His eyes are amazing!  And he does have a nice boy look about him.  That’s probably why I like this one as much as I do. lol

Number two –

Raffael Lazzini

Okay, next you picked Raphael Lazzini.  I’m not saying that he’s not deserving of your list but…he has a tattoo of a naked woman on his side!  And do my eyes deceive me or does she have two faces?  O-o

You are right; the woman on the tattoo has two faces and… three boobies!  He has more tattoos, maybe not as weird as this one but they look good on that “canvas”.  You can see them on the other pictures on my post. 😉

What I like about him is his bad boy look.  He makes me have very, very, very, bad thoughts.

*sigh* All I can focus on is his two-faced-three-boobies tattoo…  Something must be wrong with me that that overtakes the ‘canvas’ she’s on for me.  lol

Number three –

Radoslav Vanko

Next you picked Radoslav Vanko.  He sure is pretty…but why did they make him straddle fabric in the wind?  I wonder what inspired this photo?

I don’t know why but I want to be that fabric.  Sorry, for a second I forgot I was married.

I can’t say I like Radoslav because he’s cute, because he isn’t.  I like him because he’s very angular and with hard edges.  I love his nose and his cheekbones, and he has a body to die for.

I can’t believe you said you wanted to be that fabric!  LMAO!!!  He is very chiseled, I’ll give him that.  I agree that he is not cute.  He’s definitely striking.

Number Four –


Your fourth choice you simply called it “cowboy”.  And what a cowboy!  What is it about this particular cowboy that makes you want to take a ride on his horsey?  (Yes, look at me.  I went there ;))

OMG you went there!  I would like to take a ride, but no on his horsey…. I forgot again I was married!  I need help!  And you are not helping with your comments.

Why I chose him?  After he made us “go there” I really don’t think he needs any explanation.  The only thing I’ll say is that even though we don’t see his face it’s easy to see he’s dreamy and he has a body that speaks for itself.  I picture him every time I read cowboy book.

Ooo good advice.  I think I’ll do that too, picture him when I read a cowboy book.  Well, maybe I should start reading cowboy books first…

Number Five –

Leonardo corredor

Your next choice for Hottest Hot-Hot Hottie is Leonardo Corredor.  A man with a perfectly sculped body, thick hair and full pouty lips, sitting in a slightly suggestive position in a bed with rumpled sheets wearing nothing but his underwear, which would be so easy to remove with ones teeth…  Why ever did you choose him?

Are you really asking me that? LOL

He’s super cute, I love the contrast of his light eyes and dark hair.  The only problem with him is that he looks young and makes me feel like a cougar. *roars*

Did you honestly just roar?  LOL Cougar away I say.

Number six –

Jed Hill

Your sixth choice Mr Jed Hill.  Personally, now you are probably going to think I’m nuts here but, I think he’s too muscular.  *hides*  Yes, I know he’s been on the cover of Jaci Burton’s book and millions of women drooled over that cover but…  I just don’t like them that bumpy.

Bumpy?  Don’t you like bumpy rides?  Yes, I went there.  I think this post is affecting our hormones.

I think this post is going to affect everybody’s hormones.  LOL

I agree, he’s more muscular than the other guys, but can you imagine hugging him and feeling all his “bumps”.   He must be strong too…  Help!  I’m having all this thoughts about strength, bumps, walls, foot-Balls…  I’m talking about the one he’s holding in the picture.

I told you I’ll try to keep this post as PG as possible but after all those bumps is kind of difficult. Let’s leave him here and do your guy now. 😉

Aw yes, “my guy”.  Backstory.  A while back someone posted this picture on Darynda Jones’ Facebook page.  Heck, it may have been Darynda herself, I don’t remember, but it was posted as a suggestion for Reyes.  I did see Reyes a bit in this picture but mostly what I saw was YUM!  I showed it Marcela and of course she knew who it was.  His name is Eduardo Verastegui.  Let’s all say it together now.  Eduardo Verastegui…  In fact, she had already used him as one of her Hot-Hot Hotties and I had apparently liked him then too.  (At least I’m consistent ;))

Here is the photo I sent to Marcela.


Yeah…yum-my.  Those eyes!  That mouth!  That hair!  That…smolder!

Now here is a photo from her Hot-Hotties post.

Eduardo Verastegui

Yes, Marcela posted photos of Eduardo more nude than this but apparently I like him best clothed.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?!  Still, he is yummy incarnate in my opinion.  Marcela finds he’s too young.  Do you still feel that way Marcela?

I never said he was too young (for me); he’s actually one year older than me (he’s a baby).  What I said was that I picture “my Reyes” different and maybe a bit more mature looking.

Eduardo Verastegui is handsome, that’s very easy to see, but for some reason he doesn’t make me have bad thoughts.  So, he’s all yours!

Ah…he’s too young as your Reyes…  I get it now.  And he’s one year older than us!  Wow…he’s aging well!  How gracious of you to give Eduardo to me.  You have such a big heart.  😉

Well, that’s all from Marcela and me and Hotties.  Thank you Marcela for sharing your choices for yummiest men from your blog.  This was a lot of fun.

Yes, it was.  Thank you again for inviting me to participate on this post.

So what about you guys?  Do you have any favorite Hot-Hot Hotties?



  1. Jessica says:

    Oh good lord – yum! *fans self* Those are some seriously gorgeous men. 🙂 The only one that’s really my “type” is Radoslav Vanko – I love angular and hard edges, evidentially.

    For models, I’d also put in Matthias Streitwieser in the running for a deserving Hot-Hot-Hottie. He’s very frequently listed on Black Dagger Brotherhood fan sites as a candidate for Vishious. Sadly he died in 2009 while hiking, but there is a nice collection of photos here:

    There are a ton of actors I adore, but I’ll refrain from listing them here as they just can’t compete in the abb department. 😉

  2. OMG! Matthias Streitwieser is dreamy. I need to do a post about him. Thank you 🙂

  3. All mine? No?

  4. My absolute favorite hot guy is Stuart Reardon, a professional model and pro rugby player in Europe. I love him in and out of clothes, with hair and without. His tattoos are great additions to his body. His eyes are sexy. Swoon!

  5. I remember when the posting for Radislav Vanko came out. He’s the only one to have trumped my previous #1 hottie, Joe Manganiello.

    I also learned with Vanko’s posting to be VERY careful when checking that blog at work on Tuesdays.

  6. nice pics! however i do think some of the positions and scenarios for these pictures are pretty ridiculous. that fabric one especially. 🙂

  7. Lol, great choices Marcela!

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