Jun 3, 2013

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Question – Do You Talk To Your Books?


Last week I asked you guys about reading quirks and the awesome Jessica mentioned that she tends to talk to her books.  “OMG THAT WOULD MAKE AN EXCELLENT QUESTION!!!” was my first thought when I read her answer.  And so I did just that – I made that this week’s Question.

Do I talk to my books?  I must admit that yes, I sometimes do.  Well, more like I talk to the characters or to the covers of my books.  If I have been really looking forward to a book and it finally arrives and I am holding it in my hands, I may gently pet the cover and say “hello my pretty”.  What?  That’s not weird.  It’s not!

There are also times when Ifind the character on the page is doing something really stupid.  Then I may tell him exactly what is on my mind.  Like “you idiot, why Why WHY are you doing that?!”.  Or sometimes it sounds more like “Kiss her!  KISS HER!”  And sometimes I may just “aww…” out loud if a particularly sweet or tender moment is happening.

What about you guys…  Do you talk to your books?

  1. Sapphire says:

    Yes, and I yell at my tv too.

  2. Yep and I tell them what they should be doing!!!

  3. I totally do Gollum-voiced “my precious” when I get a book that I’ve been really looking forward to.

    I also sometimes give advice to characters, react at sudden plot-turns, and my husband still talks about the day that I scared the crap out of him by suddenly screaming, “Oh, FUCK YOU!” and throwing a book completely across the room. (I’m sad to say that I cannot remember which book that was, because it might’ve happened a few times since then)

  4. There might be a little stroking and “my precious” talking when I get a new book that I was really excited about.

  5. Jessica says:

    Absolutely! I think my husband assumes he lives with a crazy woman due to the amount of times I’ve yelled at or admonished my books in his presence. 🙂 Nothing triggers my book yelling urge quite like stupidity on the part of my heroes/heroines. Let’s see… I do a lot of “no-no-no”’s when the character is about to do something stupid (either intentionally or not). Then there are a lot of “OMG, you idiot!”’s after the fact, or when the character fails to see a clue that’s blatantly obvious. I also like to offer turn by turn instructions to my characters in these intense moments; unfortunately, they so rarely listen to me. There’s the “You’ve got to be kidding me?!” when the character is acting ridiculously. Authors that write silly, air headed females in need of saving get a lot of those, frequently accompanied by eye rolling and exasperated sighs. Happy moments are frequently met by joyful squealing, book hugging, or maybe even a bit of happy snoopy dancing. Although I have been known to yell “I LOVE THIS BOOK!” at awkward moments, like the middle of his football games.

    For me, a sign of a great book is one where the protagonists manages to act intelligently and sensibly enough throughout the entire book so as to never earn one of my frustrated admonishments.

  6. I usually only talk to my books when extremely frustrated – “WTF?!?”, “JUST SAY IT ALREADY!” – that sort of thing. But people have told me that I make many faces while reading. I’m not sure I can stop that!

  7. Barbara Elness says:

    Doesn’t everyone? 😀

  8. Courtney says:

    Just had an argument with my husband about this the other week. He stares at me like I am insane when I talk to my books. I told him it is no different than when he yells at the tv. He said the people on tv are real but my characters are imaginary, so I am still the crazy one.

  9. Sapphire – Ooo you do both! Good for you 😉

    Diane – Yes! Amazing how they don’t listen to us all the time!

    ML – Screaming and throwing the book…awesome!

    blodeuedd – Of course 😉

    Krista – WooHoo! I’m not alone!

    Jessica – I absolutely agree with you about intelligent heroines and not deserving eye rolls.

    Barbara – Woot!

    Courtney – You are so right! It is NO different than talking to the TV.

  10. I absolutely talk to my books. It’s a lot of “oh no”, “aw”, “Why, WHY!” and “shut up”. The more I talk, usually the more I like the book!

  11. Yes. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t a one-sided conversation… especially when DH looks at me as I have lost my mind.

  12. You all are crazy.
    🙂 Just kindding. Even though I don’t talk out loud to my books, in my mind I am screaming at stupid characters or venting my frustration. I do laugh out loud, which earns me weird looks from my hubby. He still loves me, quirks and all.

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