Jun 6, 2013

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My Life’s Quirks – A Julie Balloonie Update

As many of you know, I twist balloons.  Back in the day when I had time to vlog every week, I would share some of my newest creations with whoever was brave enough to watch me blab on and on for well over ten minutes.  I thought that is was time to update you on the whole balloon thing and share with you some of my latest twists.

I have been working steadily as Julie Balloonie doing birthday parties, anniversaries and bigger events such as fundraisers and corporate parties.  I tend to prefer the larger events but no matter the job, every time I go out to twist balloons I have a really good time.  It’s always different even though I’m twisting the same things.  Some parties I’ll twist mostly rabbits and the next I’ll twist mostly dinosaurs.  It’s interesting to see what the kids will want.  It’s also interesting to hear the excuses adults come up with when they want a balloon but don’t want it to look like the balloon is for them.  ‘It’s for my grand-daughter’ is a very popular one.

Since I am more swamped that usual this past school year I have not taken the time to twist a lot just for fun but I am making new balloons when my kids go to birthday parties as part of the gift they are bringing.

This snowman balloon bracelet was really popular around Christmas time.  My Girl Guide Sparks wanted to learn to twist balloons so I had them help me make some of these for the Brownies.  He is so cute!


I’ve made quite a few of these balloon bouquets.  I made one for my Zumba instructor as a thank you and I make bouquets for birthdays too.  None quite as elaborate as this one though.  This particular one was for my mom 🙂

flower bouquet

And I made my first superhero balloon this year.  I made Spider-Man.  I was really proud of this guy.  He looks so cool!

spider man

While writing this post I realize that I don’t take nearly as many pictures of my balloons as I should.  I think I’m going to try to twist more intricate and fun balloons for you (and me) and post them here once in a while.  If that is something you guys think you’d like to see.

Before I end this post, I want to share with you a balloon that is not fancy but that I am very proud of. Why?  Well because I came up with how to make this design all by myself.  Oh, it looks like other butterflies but I never liked the way they were made.  I searched books and YouTube for ages looking for a one balloon butterfly I loved.  Finally I thought ‘screw it’ and did it myself.  Go me.  Here she is:


And she’s one of my most popular balloons now.

So there you have it.  A Julie Balloonie update.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


  1. Awww…that is so cute that you make balloon bouquets! What a fun idea. And if it makes you happy, all the better.

    *my three year old loves the Spider Man!

  2. Love the Spider-Man!

  3. Love the balloons! and Yay for doing ur own butterfly…u should name it!

  4. Those are so nice..

  5. It’s really wonderful, I love them!

  6. You post the pics, I will gladly look at them 🙂 and perhaps you should make more pictures of your balloon creations to advertise your skills and get more jobs? Do you already have a website for your alter ego?
    I really admire you for being able to do stuff like this.

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