Jun 10, 2013

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Question – What Books Do You Include On Your Wishlist?


We all have them:  wishlists.  Book wishlists.  And they are all HUGE!

I saw this question on Literary Escapism a while back and it got me thinking.  What is my wishlist?  Books I physically (or digitally) own already and are just waiting for me to read or books that are yet to hit shelves but that I know I will be buying once they do?  Or is it every single title I have ever wanted to read in my entire life?

For me it’s a mix of the first two.  On Goodreads, for example, I only include books that I have in my books closet waiting for me to read and books that I KNOW I will be reading once they release (like books from a series I follow religiously).  I also only include books that have actual cover images.  Yes, that is odd but it’s a quirk I have so don’t knock it.

What about you?  What books do you include on your wishlist?

  1. Magic Rises is a Must on my list right now!

  2. My list is always growing, but you can’t always read what’s written on it. It features all the next books in my favorite series—the ones that aren’t out yet, or even announced. Sometimes they’re nothing more than vague references that authors have made on their blogs. G.A. Aiken recently wrote something about another from her dragon series that she might work on later this year. Same with Thea Harrison about her shifter series. A suggestion by Joey W. Hill about continuing her Nature of Desire line. And then there are the upcoming books already announced (and pre-ordered)like the next Chloe Neill book from the Chicago vamps that I can’t wait for.

  3. My wishlist is books I know will be coming out in the next little while; it usually has the release date to give me an idea as to when I should start hounding the bookstore. If I change my mind about the book, I just delete but most I usually purchase.

  4. A lot of books there. Books already out and books coming soon 🙂

  5. Susan Cosnick says:

    Of course the list includes the series that I am addicted to. Plus the other authors that I collect. I also keep track of anything that appeals to me from message boards, blogs, author websites and emails from the publishers. I keep track in my To Read on Goodreads and I have a little notebook that I keep in my purse.

  6. Oh yes, the lists. I have my wish list of books I want to get my sticky little hands on as soon as they come out. And the there is the wish list for whole series that I want to read from start to finish. And that doesn’t even take into account my TBR list…yikes! I better go read!

  7. Which wish list? I have at least 10, all with different books on them LOL. Books that have already been purchased are on the TBR pile (or mountain to be more accurate), and that’s a completely different list. The wish lists are only for books I do not yet own. There is no greater thrill than moving a book from the wish list to the TBR pile. Occasionally, I go through and try to prune them back, but I find it really hard to remove books unless I’ve read something else by that author and didn’t like their writing style. Someday I have dreams of getting all of this under control, but since I’m not a particularly organized person in general, I don’t think it will ever change.

  8. I have books I want to read, books not yet released, and a maybe list.

  9. Anything from Nalini Singh, Joey W. Hill, Bec McMaster, Thea Harrison, Meljean Brook, Nancy Gideon and Kevin Hearne automatically make it to my wish list on both Amazon and B&N. Right now, I also have some new authors on there that look interesting because I have gotten into the whole Steampunk scene. Plus there are some new authors who are writing paranormals that look good as well that will be releasing soon that look promising.

  10. Lol Julie, what a question. The books I have are on my TBR, and not on my wishlist anymore. The books from favourite authors that will be published in the next month, are on my calendar, and will be bought or are already pre-ordered.
    What is on my wishlist, are those authors and series I some day will buy and start reading, but not right yet. And all those lists are huge and updated almost daily.

  11. Danielle – It’s amazing!

    Mzcue – Wow, not even officially announced books! That’s hardcore…

    Diane – Release dates are a must for bookstore hounding. I agree with you there.

    blodeuedd – I bet your list is huge! 😉

    Susan – A notebook! I had one of those too but I found it was too easy to add books that way. I would never have been able to read all of the books in my notebook even if I lived to be 237 years old!

    Lexi – I have a series wishlist too!

    JenM – It IS hard to remove books from the list! You are so right! That is so odd though if you think about it… lol

    Kristi – A maybe list! So simple yet so smart!

    Iswari – Oh! We should have a ‘looks promising’ list!

    aurian – I can only imagine how long your lists are. Just looking at your posts where you list all of the books you pick up in a week! Massive!

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