Jun 20, 2013

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My Life’s Quirks – Questions From Your Mind

Question Visual Again

Every Monday, I ask you guys a question.  I have called that post “Question”.  Genius, I know.

Sometimes I an idea for a Questions from answers you guys left me on one of my previous Questions.  In fact, some of my favorite Questions have come from you!  Realizing that gave me an idea…

I have decided to run a contest of sorts.  I am looking for Question suggestions from you.  I want the Questions that are on your mind.  Email me your ideas and if I use your Question, you will get to pick any book that you want (valued up to $12) from The Book Depository and I will buy it for you.

That’s what I want:  think of a Question, email it to me, if I like it and use it you get a book.

Sound good?


I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.  Just email me by June 30th 2013 at julie@yummymenandkickasschicks.com

And thank you.  🙂

Questions from your mind.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


p.s What do you think of my new Question visual?

  1. I’d love to win but my mind sucks

  2. Erica Pillera says:

    Email sent

    Would love to find out the answers to the two questions I asked even if they are not picked.

  3. I am getting some great questions guys! Thank you so much! Looks like I’ll be buying a few books in the near future 😉

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