Jul 1, 2013

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Question – Is There Such A Thing As An Older Kick Ass Chick?

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Guys!  I asked you to come up with gripping Questions and boy did you ever!  I will definitely be buying quite a few of you a shiny new book in the near future.

This week I am posting my first reader question.  When I read it, I actually went through the 500+ books that I have read and could not easily come up with an answer.  Sure, there are some heroines that read older than they are and you have your heroines who are immortal and who read 20 but are really 736 years old.

But before I go on, let me quote Karen and her Question:

I’m tired of reading books about women in their 20s. Are there any series with older women as the “kick ass chick”?

I did consider Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles only because the hero, Atticus, is a dude and Granuaile is in her twenties but is not your typical college-type-chick.  Plus it’s not your ‘typical’ series.  Then I thought of Thea Harrison’s Elder Races books.  In the first book, Pia is young but the other heroes and heroines are either immortal beings or a little older-ish.  Same would go with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series.  Some heroines are younger but most aren’t.  But none of these are middle aged either.

The only book that I have ever read with a middle-aged couple was Kraken’s Mirror by Maureen O. Betita.  It was quite good (I gave it 4 stars).  In fact, the H/h are in their sixties – which is like middle age now.  That’s it.  And the heroine was not a kick ass chick in an urban fantasy sort of way but she was cool and so was her pirate dude.

So can you guys help out?  Are there any series with older non-20 year old kick ass chicks?

Thanks Karen, GREAT question!


  1. Eve Dallas automatically comes to mind. She’s in her mid-thirties and Xhex from Ward’d BDB series. Both kick ass chicks!

  2. How old was Kelly Gay’s character now again..I mean she has a kid. So yes the Charley madigan series

  3. If you’re into sci-fi, you can try “Grasp the Stars” by Jennifer Wingert. The main character is an older woman in her 40s if I remember it right. It is a stand-alone novel (at the moment) but there is a sequel in the works.

  4. Jessica says:

    This comment made me laugh: “Sure, there are some heroines that read older than they are and you have your heroines who are immortal and who read 20 but are really 736 years old.” I HATE that trend in fiction. If you are going to make your character old, have the decency to make them act their age. : )

    The Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre has a 33 year old heroine, whom I adored. She completely deserves the “kick ass” tag too. She regularly takes on physical confrontations with a blend of intellect and fighting skills. Throughout the course of the series she fights aliens of various sorts, stages prison breaks, forges peace treaties with militant societies, and stops a war.

    Another author that regularly writes heroines over 30 is Kristen Ashley. One of my favorites by her is Sweet Dreams which features a strong, competent 40+ year old woman that’s left her old life and cheating ex-husband behind and is starting a new in a small town. It’s chiclit with a dash of suspense, so it’s hard to give the main character, Lauren, a “kick ass” tag, as she doesn’t fight supernatural creatures, or save cities :), but she was strong, and put her life back together singlehandedly, and I really loved her character. Kristen’s heroes are always extreme alpha males, but her heroines tend to fall into one of two categories – too weak to live, and in need of a big strong man to take care of them -OR- my favorite heroines she writes are the strong ones that take care of their own crap, and put the alphas in their lives in their places. Lauren in Sweet Dreams is definitely the latter sort of heroine. But your millage may vary if you check out some of her other books.

    As an honorable mention – Merit from the Chicagoland series is 28, so she’s not quite in her thirties, but she acts more mature than her age, imo.

  5. Great question! Several of Joey W. Hill’s heroines come to mind from her Knights of the Boardroom series. Several are thirty-somethings, like yoga teacher and physical therapist Rachel is 14 years older than her love interest. The heroine of Hill’s most recent installment of the uber sexy series is in her forties. Queen of the vampires Carling is also a fortyish powerhouse in Thea Harrison’s Serpent’s Kiss. (Have to go make dinner, but I’ll add more if I think of them!)

  6. Okay, here are some others: Lacey Meyers in Liberating Lacey by Anne Calhoun. Lacey is an energetic, “ready to get back on the horse” divorcee of 36 in this sexy novel about her finding love with a younger man. Kickass shifter tiger Marcella Malone is an undercover agent and enforcer in Bear Meets Girl, one of my very favorite Shelley Laurenston PNR adventures. The most recent Cherise Sinclair Masters of the Shadowlands novel, This Is Who I Am,features Linda, a survivor well into her forties who overcomes kidnapping and abuse as she finds her new love. Lauren Gallagher’s Damaged Goods is the story of “Jocelyn Rhodes is a single mother with a demanding career and a long-neglected libido.” (Jocelyn hires a male escort and their arrangement…evolves.)

    So there are a lot of great, sexy stories out there about women beyond their thirties. Granted, they thin out as the ages of the heroines advance. Here’s hoping that we find more of them in the coming years.

  7. Erica Pillera says:

    Katie MacAlisters characters are usually in their late twenties to late thirties are hilarious and strong women characters try The Corset Diaries I think Tessa is 39 yrs old. Blow Me Down also has a older female lead who has a young adult daughter.

  8. mrsbkwrm says:
  9. Maliha Crane from the Mortal Path series by Dakota Banks. She is 300 years old, but now has turned mortal again, and is around 40 and aging with every good dead. She sure is kick ass.

  10. KT – Eve! How did I not think of Eve?!

    blodeuedd – How did I not think of Charley Madigan?!

    Erin – I had not heard of that one. Thank you!

    Jessica – Great suggestions! Merit is a good one and Sirantha Jax – of course! 🙂

    Mzcue – Wonderful suggestions! Really great, thanks!

    Erica – I have heard many great things about Katie’s books. Now you’ve given me one more reason to check into them. Thanks!

    mrsbkwrm – Sounds great!

    aurian – She sounds perfect 🙂

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