Jul 18, 2013

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My Life’s Quirks – Bloglovin’ Is My New Reader


As you know, July 1st was a sad day for those of us who relied on Goggle Reader.  July 1st is the day Google Reader died.

I really don’t understand why they decided to make it go away other than that they wanted you to use Google+ – something I don’t do.  ( I don’t like feeling forced to use a social media outlet and that’s exactly what I feel with Google + )

I used Google Reader a lot.  I may not have time to comment on my favorite blogs very often but you can be sure I read them – and I always read them through Google Reader.

But it’s gone now.  I had to let it go and move on.  But move onto what?

I found my answer almost two weeks ago and it’s one word: Bloglovin’

I have seen Bloglovin’ mentioned every day in my blog’s stats report, some of you have been reading my blog via Bloglovin’ for a while now, so why had I not checked it out?

Oh right, I didn’t need to because I had Google Reader.  *sigh* I had my blogs all organized in perfect little folders.  It took me a long time to organize all of the blogs I follow so nicely.  But it’s gone now.  Gone forever.  *again sigh* (And I’m not bitter in the least ;))

Where was I?  Oh right.  Bloglovin’

I decided to check it out and found it was great.  Nice and easy to use.  My favorite blogs are right there on one page and there is even a little button on my toolbar showing me whenever some of you post new things onto your blogs.  For me, it works.  I have not taken the time to see if I can organize the blogs into folders yet but even if I can’t, it will still work for me because I like that there is instant notification right there for me to see whenever I’m on my computer, even for just two minutes.  That works for me and my busy life.

And in case you wanted to follow this blog via Bloglovin’, I included the icon on my sidebar alongside my Facebook and Twitter buttons.


So that is my solution to the lack of Google Reader.  What’s yours?

Bloglovin’ in my new Reader.  Just another of my life’s quirks.


  1. I also began to use bloglovin. 🙂
    And you can organize them in groups (Menu -> Manage blogs you follow). I exported my blogs in my old reader as an .opml-file and imported it into bloglovin and it even kept my organized folders/groups.

  2. I like it too, but I still use my dashboard

  3. I am upset as well about Google getting read if Google Reader! I guess I’m happy that I started getting back into blogging when I did because the very last day Google Reader was going to be available was the day I finally logged back into my account. It was a blessing in disguise or I would have been completely lost after they shut it down. I went crazy trying to find the first thing possible and that is what brought me to Feedly. I am using it and starting to figure things out, but I might have to check out this Bloglovin’ and see what it’s all about. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Julie!

  4. I’m a reader, not a blogger, but I have other beefs with Google when it comes to blogs. I can’t comment on Blogspot blogs or enter most drawings because I don’t have a Google account anymore. (I disconnected from Google when they changed their privacy policies earlier this year.) Plus there’s that annoying ” Are you REALLY sure you want to visit this blog of questionable content?” screen that you have to get through to get to Blogspot blogs EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit them. (Not that I feel strongly about it or anything.)

  5. I was also devoted to Google Reader and I didn’t think I would like Bloglovin, but now I LOVE it! I do wish it was easier to email a post to friends, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

    I think Google did away with GR because they are coming out with something new called iReader.

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