Jul 29, 2013

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Question – Who Would You Write An Author Love Letter To?

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A couple of years ago, I took part in an event hosted by three am.  The goal was to write a ‘love’ letter to an author and post it on your blog.  I decided to write mine to authors of awesomeness, Ilona and Gordon Andrews.

With Magic Rises releasing tomorrow and my review already posted last Friday, I’ve been thinking a lot about that book and how Ilona and Gordon impress me so.  And while thinking about them, I remembered the letter I wrote them.  (If you are curious, you can read it here.)

And that got me thinking about you guys.  If you had the opportunity to write a fan-girl/boy to any author, who would you pick.

Who would you write an author love letter to?


  1. I loved the love letter that you posted a couple of years ago! I also remember stating that I would write mine to Delilah Marvelle! I still love her work, but I’m very far behind. Since I’m getting back into The Lords of the Underworld and Tony and I recently read To Catch a Mate (tehehe, I still LOVE that book!!!) I think I would definitely write mine to her. I love her writing and I’m extremely excited to check out the rest of the books she has written. 😀

  2. Readsalot81 says:

    Hmmm.. this is a tough question for me Julie – because I think I’ve written dozens of emails to different authors at various times gushing over their books 🙂

    (Psst, I’ve written more than 1 to the fabulous duo of Ilona & Gordon myself 😉 )

    I’m trying to think of whom I *haven’t* written.. and that’s hard. Huh.

    Oh.. ummm, I haven’t written Michelle Sagara yet. She writes the fabulous Chronicles of Elantra series – and has a new release due out in August. Yeah, I’d write to her. Her books are marvelous and I’ve re-read them many times.

  3. Erica Pillera says:

    Eden Summers I adore her and her work she hasn’t yet written anything I didnt 100 percent love.

    She’s Aussie too gotta support your country.

    I think writing an excellent/awesome review is a huge Love letter to the author!!!!!

  4. Courtney M. says:

    Right now it would be J.A. Redmerski. Her book, The Edge of Never, could have been written about my life. I did the same thing as her main character when I was 17. I hopped a bus and just left. I was able to identify with her characters so well, even the scene in the bus station bathroom. I found the love of my life, but my story did not end with a HEA. I have never had a book hit me so hard and bring out so many memories and feelings.

  5. Great love letter! You sure put a lot of heart into it.

    And I admire you for being able to narrow your pick down to one! I have a handful of authors that I would write a letter to. A couple that pulled me back into the reading world, a few who are able to take me away from the stress of real life (a sanity saver). And a few more who have become ‘online’ friends, making their stories that much more emotional to read.

  6. Jessica says:

    Oh this is a tough one for me – There are sooo many authors I love, but I think I’d only be tempted to write a love letter to an author who I’ve loved just about everything they’ve written. Authors that have made me think, and cry, and laugh with their fiction. My first thoughts were of Karen Marie Moning, Ann Aguirre, and Chloe Neill, because each of these authors has written one series I adored in a huge way. Unfortunately, they’ve also written series I disliked, so I had to rule them out.

    So, after much deliberation, I’d have to say my choices would be as follows:

    1. Niel Gaiman – His books have been with me since I was a teenager. His Sandman comics were the first comics I ever read, and remain my all-time favorites. Stardust and Neverwhere continue to be on my all-time favorite list for novels. Even the stories that didn’t make it to my favorites list, lingered with me long after I’d finished them, making me think, and ponder, and maybe even look at the world with slightly different eyes.

    2. Brandon Sanderson – his first novel, Elantris, renewed my love of the high fantasy genre. And every single book he’s ever written has amazed me. He’s absolutely never let me down, which is amazing considering how many different unique books and series he’s produced. He excels at creating amazingly likeable characters which is something that’s important to me. And I’ve never read an author that surpasses his world building skills.

    Great question, Julie! 🙂

  7. I think with social media it has become so much easier to contact an author. I have tweeted and facebooked numerous authors in the past few years that I absolutely loved their books. Before that I once send an email to Stephanie Laurens, and was over the moon when she replied.

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