Aug 5, 2013

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Question – Do You Edit Your Favorites?

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I was peeking at my Favorites list on Goodreads the other day when I found myself…confused.   I really enjoyed each and every book on my list but were they are really still considered ‘favorites’ of mine?

I often add books to my Favorites page.  I try not to add them the moment I finish reading them because sometimes you are still on your reading high and at that moment even the most mediocre book can be seen as amazing.  If after a few weeks I still feel strongly about the book and still find myself thinking about it and wanting to re-read it, I will place it on my list.  But take books off of my list?  That’s blasphemy…isn’t it?

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After removing, then putting back on, then removing again I felt that yes, it is okay to edit your favorites list.  I did finally remove a few books from my list, but why did I almost feel bad doing it?  It’s not like the book has feelings or knows exactly what you are doing.  It’s not like you will walk by a copy of the book in a store someday and it will yell out at you “Hey!  You’re the bitch who took me off her favorites list!” causing passers-by to look at you with shame and you to run out of the store covering your face.  Your tastes change so why not your list?

Also, I used to automatically include entire series to my Favorites list but now only include certain installments – unless of course I honestly think the entire series is made of awesome or that each installment needs to be read in order to grasp the full concept of the series.  I am a first book gal so you will find a few first books on my list but not always the whole series.

What I ended up removing was mostly individual books from a series that I didn’t find as strong.  And I did add Generation V and Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin books.  (Why it took my so long to add Jennifer’s books is beyond me).

So there you go.  Yes, I edit my favorites list.  And I’m totally okay with that.  On the most part.  Most of the time.  What about you?  Do you edit your favorites?

  1. Such an interesting post! I’ve never really used the “favorites” function on Goodreads (maybe I should?), but I’ve noticed that my feelings about my all-time favorite books change over time. Certain books I called my favorites back in college now seem kind of…trite. I think that, as we experience new books that take us in unexpected directions, we change and so do our perspectives on those previous books.

  2. Great question Julie. I honestly don’t have a favorites list created on Goodreads yet. I think I might have to do that…you know in all my spare time. 😛 But I’d say that it would be ok to remove books from your favorites if they no longer cause that feeling they use to. With us reading so many books constantly, our tastes are going to change, and if you see a book that use to be a favorite that isn’t any longer, I’d say take it off! 😀

  3. I love this question! : ) And yes, I do absolutely edit my favorites. I really try to keep my All Time Favorites bucket on good reads pretty small. A book has to really amaze me to make that list – books I expect to re-read numerous times. At least that’s the idea. But, despite all my precautions, I’ve still ended up having to clean it up before.

    Like you, I’ve added books to my favorites list in a moment of emotional fervor right after finishing a book, and then later been puzzled why I loved the book enough to give it a spot on my All Time Favorites list. Frequently this happens when I go to reread a book, and realize it just doesn’t hit me the same way on re-read. To combat this sort of emotional indecisiveness about books, I started created yearly favorite buckets – Like “favorites-2013” which is where I can put anything I really enjoyed but might not deserve the All Time favorites list. Later on, after I’ve “cooled off” I’ll go back through that bucket and move things to the All Time list if deserving.

    I no longer put entire series on my favorites list either. Like Chloe Neill’s books – I have the first three books on my list, but none of the others.

    I’ve also removed earlier books in a series from my favorites list when the author really let me down later in the series. I don’t want to recommend anyone read a series with an unsatisfying conclusion. I actually removed all George RR Martin books from my favorites list after reading Feast of Crows and Dance of Dragons. I’m still not sure about that decision, as the first three books were just SO good, and the last books weren’t terrible, they just made me feel like the author is dragging the story out, and essentially wasting my time.

    So yes, count me in the Favorites editing club! : )

  4. I seriously can’t keep up with my Goodreads lists. I opened an “account” because everybody else was, added all sorts of books, ranked them, everything! I went back a few times in the early days to continue, but I’ve practically abandoned it since then. I just found it more cumbersome than helpful.

  5. I don’t have a favourites list on Goodreads or anywhere else. I only opened an account there so I can add my reviews, as that seems to be helpful to the authors.

  6. I do edit my favorites list on occasion. I check it out every few months and think about whether I still remember and adore each book on there. I don’t like having tons of books on there so I usually weed it out. The most recent books I added to mine were The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan and Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh though I’m thinking the Elemental Assassin books will be added soon…I’m in the middle of book 2 and am in love!

  7. Now I am curious to go check out my Goodreads and find the favorites button! Ha!
    I would most likely keep the favorites list pretty small (I agree with Jessica here), a book really has to amaze me to get a 5 star rating and then be counted as a favorite.

    I do know what you mean with the book high, right after you finish a book and you can’t stop tihnking about it. The author did something right there. But then for watever reason, months go by and when you look back you wonder why you went so crazy over it. Funny phenomenon.

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