Aug 8, 2013

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My Life’s Quirks – Addicted To The Kate Daniels Audiobooks


July 8th.  That is the day I asked all of you if some books are better in audio.  In my answer to my own Question I mentioned that I can’t do audiobooks yet because I read…well you all know the sorts of books I read, and I can’t listen to them on my stereo because I am surrounded by kids all day.  I also stated something about not being able to listen to an audiobook on my iPod during the day because I am working and need to pay attention to what I am doing.  (Funny how a daycare provider needs to pay attention all day)  I figured I would only really be able to give audiobooks a try when my kids grow up and leave home.

In that same post I wrote that I was planning on giving listening to Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews a try while on a 6 hour car ride to visit relatives.

Here’s what I learned from that experience:  If you love the book you are listening to and if the narrator kicks ass, you will find time and make ways to listen to an audiobook.

Holy crap on a cracker, the Ilona Andrews books are AMAZING in audio.  Simply amazing.  I have already read the books – they are my absolute favorite  – and have wanted to re-read them but just haven’t found the time (with blogging being as busy of a pastime as is it).  I knew I would enjoy listening to Magic Bites but I had no idea how much I would enjoy listening to it and how much I would get out of it.

The first thing I noticed was now much more I am learning out of the books this way.  You see, when I read, I am a skimmer.  I want to get to the dialogue and to the action so I tend to skim the descriptive passages.  Well, you can’t do that with an audiobook so I got to listen to every single word Ilona and Gordon wrote.  Every.  One.  It took me a bit to get used to that but soon I started to appreciate it.  I really learned what every building looked like and what every character looked like.  Yes, I already knew what the characters looked like but I tend to make them my own after a while.  After reading a book, even though the author states that this person is a brunette, I might picture them blond and that is the description that will stick with me from book to book to book.  It turns out I was doing that quite a bit with the Kate Daniels characters so it really opened my eyes to hear what the characters ‘really’ look like.

Something else that I found interesting about listening to the audiobook is that I am sucked into some scenes even more while listening than while reading.  *spoiler alert* For example, in Magic Burns (yes, I have listened to more than one of the books so far and will get to that in a moment), Bran gets killed after doing something incredibly heroic.  Ilona and Gordon write him so well, you feel attached to him by the end of the book even though he is sort of a bad guy.  When I read that scene, I remember feeling sad but not ‘sob-worthy’ sad.  But listening to Renee Raudman read that scene, the emotion she puts into Kate’s voice, I cried.  I actually cried.

The big question now is:  Why am I suddenly able to listen to audiobooks when just one month ago I convinced myself that I was not able to?  I think for me, listening to a book I already read is important.  I have to have one ear on the book and one ear on everything else around me so reading something new that needs my absolute 100% all-the-time attention is a no go.  And second, the narrator.  What a difference she makes.  If the narrator is amazing you will WANT to listen to the book.  She makes a huge difference and I am so glad that Renee is the one who reads my favorite books.  She is absolutely spectacular at it.  She nails all of the characters perfectly (well, she didn’t nail Raphael in the second book, in my opinion, but she got him by the third book) and she captures the emotions really well.  She brings my favorite characters to life.

I am about to start listening to Magic Bleeds.  For those of you who are not aware, that is the fourth book in the series.  That means I have managed to listen to three books in one month.  For me, that is insane, but it’s a testament to how awesome the books are and how awesome Renee is.  I listen while I’m folding laundry, while I am doing dishes and while I am going for walks.  I never would have considered listening to my iPod while scrubbing the toilet but the combo of Ilona Andrews and Renee Raudman makes me want to try to find new times and ways I can sneak a listen in.  I will keep going until I have listened to all of the Kate books.  Then I think I’ll tackle the Charley Davidson books next.  I have heard that narrator in that role and she does a good job too.  Will she be as good as Renee is as Kate Daniels?  We’ll soon see…

Addicted to the Kate Daniels audiobooks.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.


A big THANK YOU to Carmel for feeding my addiction to the Kate Daniels audiobooks.  You are the bestest 😉

  1. I love audiobooks (that’s my incentive to do housework..I listen to my audiobooks on my ipod) and tend to enjoy UF this way. The Kate Daniels series has been on my to read list FOREVER so I’m adding book #1 to my audio list because I’ve found audios are the BEST way to get me into these series. Great post, Julie! smiles…

  2. I love this series on audio and I will only listen to them.
    If you more audio recommendation just say the word. I have tons. LOL

  3. LMAO I know it’s mean of me but… I am enjoying watching you eat your words about audiobooks. Enjoy Magic Bleeds! 😀

  4. Elizabeth Naylor says:

    I also thought that I wouldn’t enjoy audiobooks, but with a 30 minute commute in an area with poor radio reception decided I’d try. I started off with an audiobook of a series that I love, Michelle Sagara’s Cast in… I couldn’t believe all the details that I had skimmed over or forgotten in books that I re-read at least once a year. I even listened for a bit longer when I’d get home from work rather than start a written book.

    So I’ve moved on to listening to other favorites, wondering what else I may have missed or forgotten in my rush to get the big picture. I’ve even submitted a few authors & titles to audible, hoping for audiobook versions – now have Shelly Laurenston and Sharon Lee/Steve Miller but still no Wen Spencer.

    I haven’t yet attempted to listen to a book or series “cold,” so far it’s all been stories that I’ve read many times. Maybe in the next year I’ll break that barrior.

    I also haven’t listened to many of my hotter romance choices, Thea Harrison and JD Robb/Nora Robers have been it so far. But those Shelly Laurenston’s stories are getting ready to come up in the list, so I’ll be finding out how that goes.

  5. I wish I had the attention span for audio books. Unfortunately, after a few minutes my brain starts wandering and by the time I tune back in, I’ve missed about 5 mins of the books. I end up have to rewind over and over. LOL

  6. LOL. You crack me up Julie. I haven’t given many audiobooks a try, its hard to come across good ones that are affordable. I should probably check into checking some out at the public library. I am glad that you are loving this series as a read as well as a listen. It’s definitely one that I have on my list as a must read due to your amazing reviews, as well as so many others. I am glad that you gave it a go and you opened your mind to actually enjoying the audiobooks. It’s funny how our minds can change so quickly when we really think they are set a certain way. 🙂

  7. Nice!! I’ve been listening to the two newest Iron Druid books in my car, mostly because I don’t LOVE that series like so many do, so I figured it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t retain as much information when listening to it. Maybe I’ll pick up the Magic series on audio after. I wanted to re-read it before picking up the newest books anyway.

  8. Glad you enjoy it so much Julie. For me audiobooks really don’t work. I just can’t concentrate on listening to someone for that long, and I read faster myself.

  9. Where do you get your books from? I enjoyed the one audio book I downloaded, but can’t fathom putting out $30 for every book I’d like to hear!

  10. Christi – I even find I love folding laundry now! lol

    Jennifer – I’m sure I will be asking your advice soon 🙂

    Carmel – I never said I thought audiobooks were bad. I just didn’t think I could listen to them yet 😉

    Elizabeth – It’s amazing the amount of detail I am remembering now!

    Michele – You are right. You really have to pay full attention to the books while you listen to them.

    Deanna – Read them now! 😉

    Jessica – I hear the Iron Druid books are very good in audio. Maybe I’ll have to listen to them someday soon too!

    aurian – The narrator makes all the difference. If she is able to suck you in, you’re good. Otherwise it’s a loooong book lol.

    Lizzie – I know! They are quite expensive. So far I am lucky enough to be able to get them from friends but I could also get some from the library. Audible also has a neat ‘deal’ where you pay $14.95 per month and you get one credit each month that can be traded for an audiobook. And you can buy audiobooks at a discount because you are a ‘member’. Not dirt cheap but better. 🙂

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