Aug 19, 2013

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Question – What Is The Sexiest Sex Scene And What Makes It Sexy?

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In honor of Stomp vs Romp (a fun month-long feature hosted by Rabid Reads and The Book Nympho), I thought I would ask a Question this week about sex.  You see, on Saturday August 24th Marcela and I are going head to head.  We will each try to convince you what sort of vampires are the hottest – sexy vampires (my side) or kick ass vampires (Marcela’s side).  Of course we all know I am right and that I will win but to get you all in the mood to think about sexy stuff, let’s think back at the sex scenes we have read in our books and ponder over which one was the sexiest.

onefootinthegraveI don’t know about you but things I found hot and sexy to read when I first started reading romance/urban fantasy books don’t affect me the same way anymore.  Sex in a book was shocking enough for me and it always made me blush.  I no longer like reading sex just for the sake of sex anymore.  I don’t like just dirty – I require sexy.  I need to feel emotion and connection between the characters for the love scene to work for me.

I will admit that I am still affected by the famous Chapter 32 in Jeaniene Frost’s One Foot in the Grave.  I think why it does it for me it that there is so much more than sex in that scene.  The raw emotion alone blows you away!  The biting in strategic places doesn’t hurt either 😉

Of course, there are many authors that write wonderful love scenes (JR Ward, Karen Marie Moning, etc…).  Some are better than others and I feel that our connection as a reader to the characters is really what makes the difference.

So what do you think?  What is the sexiest sex scene you’ve read the what makes it sexy?

  1. Eh, I have a tendency to skim them

  2. I love some sexy with my stories (I’m sure this comes as a surprise to no one) and I totally agree that the emotional connection is key. Among my favorites are when Eve and Roarke first have full-on sex in Naked in Death and when Anita Blake and Jean-Claude first have sex in…was it Lunatic Cafe? There’s a special power to that first coming together.

  3. It’s when you can tell it’s not only sex but much deeper than that!

  4. First sex for Anita and Jean-Claude was in book 6, The Killing Dance and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

    Cat and Bones Chapter 32 is right up there too. I also really liked the way Ilona Andrews handled Kate and Curran’s first romp. I love those two.

  5. Thank you, Coleen! I confess I got rid of those books, so I couldn’t reference it. I did love those early Anita Blakes…

    Agree on Kate and Curran, too – nom!

  6. I seriously don’t think I could choose my favorite/sexiest scene! But I do agree that the characters’ connection to each other makes any sexy scene infinitely sexier than if the scene were between two strangers!

  7. Erica Pillera says:

    2 Prizes for this question he he

    I think anything from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood and Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark have the sexiest and well written scenes but the absolute best would have to be Pleasure Unbound Larissa Ione, there is so much to Eidolon and Tayla’s sexy scenes they are triple HOTT!!! Plus the Sex Demon thing is definately a PLUS!!!
    The whole Tayla wants to kill him and Eidolon wants her as his own is thrilling lots of sexual tension. The trust they share and earn from each other is beautiful and I think this weighs the heaviest on an excellent sex scene and an excellent couple.

  8. I think the one between Georgina and Seth (Georgina Kincaid; Richelle Mead) in the office when the magic is down is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read. What makes it so intense is that Seth is generally so gentle and chill but he’s very aggressive in that scene and also all the built up denial since they couldn’t be together the whole time they were dating without endangering Seth, as well as the illicit aspect because Seth is in a relationship with someone else at this stage in the game.

    I’ve got a thing for passive and/or restrained guys, though.

  9. I’m going to go with Ethan + Merit in Twice Bitten. As for what makes it sexy, I think it boils down to the build-up. I’m not a fan of insta!love nor do I enjoy insta!sex. : ) Having a long slow build up in a fictional relationship really does that for me. A lot of “almost moments” that get interrupted. This is probably very closely tied to the emotional build up you guys are describing too. Sex without love isn’t worth reading for me. And love+sex that’s too easily gotten is boring. I enjoy difficult relationships in fictions –which is funny, because in RL I wish love was simpler. I like not knowing whether or not a couple is ever going to make it.

    For Ethan and Merit, the anticipation and build up was perfect. He pins her against the wall and offers to make her his mistress in book 1, which was hot, hot, hot, but it created a huge gulf between them and kept them from moving forward with their relationship for a LONG time. Then there’s that ridiculously hot scene in the library in Twice Bitten. With him stalking her, and shoving her against yet another hard surface (bookshelf this time) for a extremely long, slow kiss. All of those brief moments pushed my anticipation to fever pitch levels.

    For the actual way the scenes are written, I think what works for me is a lot of good alpha male foreplay: absolute male confidence, predator stalking, forceful kisses, hair grabbing, shoving people against walls (Ethan’s signature), or bending them over bathroom sinks (Vishous). All that roughness, combined with some slow, almost gentle touches, and sincere emotional connection, and I’m in.

    Yum! All this talk about book hoties, is making it very difficult to focus at work today. : )

  10. blodeuedd – I have to admit I do that too sometimes…

    Jeffe – I totally agree with you about the ‘first time’. There is a special power to it 🙂

    Diane – Exactly!

    Coleen – Love Kate & Curran’s too. Big surprise there lol. And now I feel I need to read Anita Blake just to read that scene! lol

    Lizzie – Huge difference if it’s two strangers. Not even close to being as good.

    Erica – Yes, the sex demon definitely works in his favor 😉

    mrsbkwrm – There is something about the passive man. I have to agree with you there.

    Jessica – It is boring if it’s just sex! You’re right! And yes, Ethan and Merit’s first ‘finally’ time is great. Alpha male foreplay = yummy. Absolutely!

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