Aug 26, 2013

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Question – Would You Say Yes To Immortality?

Question Visual Again

I think this week’s Question is rather deep.  I think it will require a lot of thought for most of you.  I think it’s something we paranormal readers have all thought about in passing but how many of us have actually sat and pondered?

I am talking about immortality and whether or not you would accept it if it were offered to you.

This Question came to me while reading Biting Bad.  It’s a theme in the book and Merit and Ethan talk about it. In turn, I thought about it and here is what I came up with:

I know I would never be able to stay young while my children grow old.  Would I love to be around to see their children’s children’s children?  Sure.  But not enough to consider watching my entire family go while I’m still kicking.

The violence in the world really affects me.  I hate it.  There is NEVER a reason for it and I don’t get why people don’t just see that.  The violence is bad and it’s escalating.  I wouldn’t want to be around to see it when it gets beyond horrible.


The idea of having all of that time!  I could read ALL of the books I ever want!  I would not have to prioritize my reading list because I would know I could get to all of them in time!  Just the idea of having time to do everything I ever want to do is pretty neat.  No stress over time restrictions – especially if you are like those sparkly vampires and no longer require sleep!  Holy cannoli, the stuff you could get done!


But that is not enough of a reason to say yes.  So for me, I would not take it.  My brain is too much of a “mother’s brain” and I would not be able to enjoy my new ‘freedoms’.  I would be living an eternity thinking about what I have lost.  Depressing right?  Too bad I’m wired that way…

What about you?  If it was offered to you, as a vampire or any other way, would you say yes to immortality?


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