Aug 29, 2013

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What’s Better… A Sexy Vampire or a Kick Ass Vampire? A Sexy Vampire Of Course! (My Team Romp Post)

Last Saturday, I mentioned I was guest posting at Rabid Reads in support of Team Romp, part of her and The Book Nympho’s Stomp vs Romp feature.  I thought today I would share my post with you here in case you missed it there.  And if you agree with what I am saying here, don’t forget to go on over to Rabid Reads to vote Romp!  (There aren’t many days left to vote so run.  Now.)

Okay people, this is a no brainer. When you think about male vampires in books, sexy is the first thing that comes to mind. Okay, sometimes it’s fangs and sometimes it’s sparkly and sometimes it’s death but 99.97% of the time, it’s sexy.

Do you immediately think kick ass? No. Never.

Absolutely not.

Vishous, Bones, Ethan, Holden. All vampires and all names that immediately make you want to grab hold of the sink and quiver at the thought of their hands touching your shoulders, your curves, your neck… *shiver*

But in case the names don’t do it for you and in case you actually doubt my statement that male vampires are indeed sexier than kick ass, I will, over the next few minutes, convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Vampires are predators and that makes them incredibly sexy. How do predators look at their prey? They focus on it 100%. They give it all their attention, never looking away. Think about that intensity all focused on you. But when they look at you like that, they are thinking about your being a different sort of prey. A sexy sort of prey. *nudge nudge* Imagine that intense stare looking right at you. Your heart would start racing, your mouth would go dry under all that focus, under that incredibly sexy stare. Vampires know what they want when they see it and what they want is you.

Is it getting hot in here? No, it’s just how you feel when a vampire who finds you irresistible is gazing at you and undressing you with his eyes.

Being predators also means they move like animals. They are light on their feet and roam the earth as though they own it. Confidence is an incredible turn on. And being lithe is another turn on. If a vampire can be that graceful yet masculine while walking down the street imagine how amazing he would move in bed?

Their physique is another thing that leads you to think naughty thoughts as opposed to brawling thoughts. Male vampires tend to have either a gym buddy’s body or at least a swimmers body. All smooth and sinuous muscle, taught pecks, six or eight pack abs and that line between them leading your eyes and your thoughts to places you hope to only go when you are alone in bed or in the shower and most definitely not alone at your desk at work. In front of your coworkers. They would wonder why you were suddenly so flush and that would just be embarrassing to explain. Then again, you could just say “Thinking of vampires” and they would say “Oh, of course. Sexy.”

So we have covered the way they look at you and the way they look themselves but we have yet to talk about their worldliness, knowledge and their experience. I think these all fit into one category so I’m going to talk about them all at once. Even if a vamp is only 100 years old, there is a certain amount of knowledge in his eyes. Knowledge is sexy and knowledge is experience. And experience is very good. *wink wink* Men are naturally horny and gain experience from either self-discovery or from multiple partners. Vamps are like men on testosterone drugs! And they have age/experience behind them. So they have been ‘practicing’ for years and all of those years of experience play in your favor when a vampire takes you to bed. Yet all of these partners melt away when he finally finds his one true mate and that right there, searching for the one and only one, is very sexy.

And let’s not forget his fangs! The gentle scrape of them against your throat, between your breasts, between your thighs, the promise of tender pain that amps up your excitement… *swallows*

Is it suddenly really dry in here?

If you go over to The Book Nympho, Marcela will try to convince you that vampires are more kick ass than sexy. You can just ignore her really because I think I have done an excellent job reminding you that vamps are a million times more sexy than kick ass. It’s not even a contest really. When you think of male vampires you think sexy before you think strong. But if you need just one more smidge of information to convince you to my side, I give you this:
I asked my husband from across the room “what makes a vampire sexy?” My daughter, who is eight, ran into the room and exclaimed “Oh, I know! His cape!”

Need I say more?


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