Sep 4, 2013

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Authors Asking Authors Starts Tomorrow!

Woot!!!!!  I am so freaking excited!!!!  I can finally share with you the details of my (almost) two month long event/feature/thingy because IT STARTS TOMORROW!!!!


What I am talking about is Authors Asking Authors and it goes something like this:  I asked eight authors to come up with one question they would love to ask a fellow author.  The question could be writing related or personal.  Once I received all 8 questions, I put them all together in one interview and sent them to each author.  They answered each question and voila!  Authors Asking Authors.

I will be posting one interview every Thursday from tomorrow, September 5th to October 24th.  You will catch an advanced glimpse of who is up each week by looking at the beautiful widget I have created for my sidebar.  So if you look there now you will see that the amazing Jennifer Estep is my first victim up first.  There might also be a giveaway involved each week so be sure to peek in for that too.

So basically, 8 authors answering 8 questions (plus one bonus question) for 8 weeks.  The questions are great and the answers are amazing.  I can’t wait for you guys to read them all.  So be sure to come back tomorrow to check out Jennifer’s answers to nine great questions and be back every Thursday to see how each author answers differently.  Or the same.  You’ll have to wait and see…

Oh it’s so exciting!!!  See you all tomorrow!



  1. What a great feature! I can’t wait to see who else you’ve asked and all their answers 😀

  2. ooh, this will be fun! What a fabulous idea, Julie! smiles…

  3. What a fantastic idea Julie! You’re so creative with your fun extra blog events and ideas. 😀 I’m very excited to read through each of these every Thursday from now through October 24th, how wonderful! 😀

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