Sep 11, 2013

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Silly Stuff – WORST Bridesmaid Dresses EVER

I found this post on Facebook.  The title immediately drew me to click on the link and I’m glad I did.  Holy cow…these are bad.
The title of the article was WORST Bridesmaids EVER (meaning worst dresses ever) so you can imagine what I saw when I arrived at the article.  Here are just a few examples of the best of the worst that I saw. Click here to see them all.


I wonder how hard it was to walk in these dresses…




This isn’t the worst one but what bothers me about it is, how old is the last bridesmaid?!  And you have her wearing that O-o


How are they all going to fit at the head table???


Nothing to say really…  I suppose ‘wow’ will do.


I wonder if any of these girls were excited when they saw what they were going to wear…


Same question applies here.

So there you have it.  Wow.
My bridesmaids lived all over Canada so what I did is mail them some red fabric and had them have their own dresses made.  As long as it was floor length I was happy.  They all turned out different, matching each girl’s personality and everyone looked amazing.  I know they are happy I didn’t have them wear any of these dresses instead  😉



  1. If I’m not wrong 90% of those dresses are from a TV series called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I watched couple of episodes on YouTube just for laughs, you should check it out too.

  2. Those are ugly!!!

  3. Awful! In one summer I was a bridesmaid at two weddings at which both brides decided on silver two-piece ensembles. Of course they couldn’t pick the same silver two-piece ensemble – dammit! Needless to say, neither was especially flattering, would ever be worn again, and neither stayed in my closet for any length of time.

  4. wow that’s pretty impressive!

  5. Lol those red dresses with the normal shoes are kind of fun, but those enormous hoop skirts, well, that will be a problem inside and with dancing.

  6. Wow is right. And tomorrow I go to meet my sister to try on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding…dunt dunt duhhh. Wonder what I will end up with 😉

  7. Those are some weird wedding dresses which doesn’t quite look good. Perhaps they wanted to be different or unique but instead ended up in utter failure. Well, as long as everyone is enjoying then perhaps there won’t be much of a problem.

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