Sep 16, 2013

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Question – How Do You Deal With “Book Disappointment”? Part two – Books You Picked Out All By Yourself

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Last week we talked about dealing with book disappointment when reading books recommended by a friend.  This week I want to talk about when the book was picked out by you so you have no one but yourself to blame.

So here is the scenario:  You go to the bookstore.  You feel like reading something new.  Maybe something by an author you haven’t tried before.  So you pick up one book then another, carefully reading the blurbs on the back.  Finally, you read a blurb that sounds awesome and the cover is pretty neat too.  Content, you go to the cash and pay for your newly found treasure.  You get home, cancel your dinner date, call in sick from work the next day and settle in with your new book.  You stay up through the night reading and reading and reading.  While reading you scratch your head because more questions are popping up than answers.  Questions such as:  “Why does the hero only wear turquoise?”  “How are they by the ocean?  The book takes place in Missouri!” ” Where did that vampire who likes to eat jelly doughnuts come from?  I thought this was a contemporary romance book!”

When you finally finish the book – after forcing yourself to – you think:  “Well,this was absolute crap!” and throw the book in the garbage.  *sigh*  All that time wasted…  You then go onto Goodreads for fun and check out the book you just finished…and it has a negative rating on it!  Well then…

What do you do?

  • Do you curl up in a ball, rocking back and forth while chanting “why? why? why?”
  • Do you go in total denial mode and pretend that book never existed and that you never read it?
  • Do you go onto GR and write the worst review ever to try to clear your mind and bring closure?

I picked out books I ended up not enjoying a lot before I discovered Goodreads and book blogs.  It frustrated me to no end.  Now I don’t buy a book before researching it first.  Do I always get it right?  No.  Not at all.  Because, as you all know, just because others love a book it doesn’t mean you will too.  But I am more likely to buy a book I will enjoy if I do a little research first.

What about you?  How do you deal with book disappointment when you picked out the book all by yourself?

  1. I put it away somewhere where I won’t have to look at it again. And then I sulk.

  2. I….say booo, get angry at myself. Write a review, maybe complain on twitter and then I forget it

  3. Since goodreads/shelfari I tend to go through reviews of people I trust and I don’t get books I don’t like so much anymore. But when it does happen I (1) feel guilty for not liking it. I know, ridiculous, but when others like it, why couldn’t I? and (2) try to recoup my losses. Can I return it? Can I sell it? At least donate it to the library? I don’t want my failure sitting around the house lol

  4. Erica Pillera says:

    I always check my goodreads app and the reviews on amazon before I buy any book Ive been burned before.

    When it does happen however I get angry that I spent my time and money on that rubbish when I could have been reading something good.

    I refuse to return a book Ive bought just because I didnt like it, this makes me crazy, its like taking a packet of chips back to the shop because you didnt like the flavour but you ate the whole bag senario.

    I still write an honest review however, I can at least let others know they might not like it.

  5. oh it’s the worst, when I’m sure I’mm love a book and well it’s not the case. I’m trying to finish it because I hope my feelings will change but nope. And at the end I’m sad, thinking that I read something not that good while I have many other books. But I do like you some researches before too.

  6. I’ve been lucky so far and not had this problem….

    No wait. I bought a series at a used bookstore and the 1st book was OK but when I started the 2nd book I DNF after about 4 chapters. So instead of getting mad I just took the books back to the used bookstore and traded for different books.

    I have a mountain of books to read and I have a bad habit of buying a series when they are on sale before I even read the 1st book. I’m hoping I don’t get burned again but there’s a chance I might.

    So I’ll most likely just handle it the same way and trade them for different books or donate to my library.

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