Sep 12, 2013

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Authors Asking Authors – Kate SeRine

It’s week two for Authors Asking Authors and this week we have the wonderful Kate SeRine answering questions from fellow authors.

Kate SeRine PhotoDo you have an old writing routine that you used to consider essential (ex: “I can only write if ——-“), that you now don’t need at all?  –  ML Brennan

I used to write everything out.  I honestly couldn’t think without a pen in my hand.  (I have dozens of journals filled with notes, scenes, and even complete novels.)  I would then type everything up and edit as I went. I wasn’t one of those people who could sit at a computer and just type.  That changed when I was under actual deadlines with my publisher and didn’t have the luxury of working at my own pace.  Now, telling the story happens almost exclusively on my laptop.  (Although, I admit I still jot down a lot of notes in my journal….)

Do you have critique partners, beta readers, or even people you run early ideas by? What is your system for that?  –  Carolyn Crane

I have a wonderful group of author friends who are essential to my writing process!  We bounce ideas off of each other all the time, whether it’s brainstorming about titles or tweaking scenes that are problematic.  My absolute go-to gals are authors Cecy Robson and Kait Ballenger.  When it comes to reading the full novel and offering feedback, though, my agent (Nicole Resciniti) is the best critique partner I could ask for.

In reading reviews, have you ever stumbled on any useful insight about your work (punctuation quirks, plot holes, beloved/hated characters, story direction, errors your publisher missed) that changed the way you wrote future books?  –  Jenn Bennett

Yes!  I’ve been amazed (and delighted) by how much readers have fallen for one of my Transplanted Tales, a fairy tale bodyguard named Gideon.  He was originally going to be a throw-away character after the second book of the series, but the reader response to him was so amazing that I changed a few things in the third book to give him a bigger role.  And when it came time to figure out who should be the main character in Book 4, I didn’t even hesitate.  Fortunately, I love him, too!

redIf there was one thing about being an author or about the publishing industry that you’d want readers to know/understand, what would it be?  –  Kate SeRine

I’ll admit, even though I’d worked in various positions within the publishing world a decade or so ago, I was totally clueless about a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in the industry.  And probably the most shocking was how much self-promotion was required of the authors.  A blog tour? I’d never even heard of such a thing until about two months before my first novel came out and I was scrambling to put one together.  And social media?  I’m still trying to figure out how to manage everything there.

I think pretty much every author these days has to split their time between writing and promoting.  Thank goodness for my author friends, especially those who are with the Seymour Agency, who continue to offer advice and support on a daily basis.  I’m incredibly fortunate in this regard.  We share a lot of ideas for ways to not only help spread the word about our books but to also give us the opportunity to interact with readers in ways that are rewarding and meaningful to them—because, really, that’s the best part and makes all the hard work worthwhile!  🙂

So I think most people will ask about process or inspiration, but I’m a shopping girl at heart. What was the first ‘present’ you bought yourself to celebrate a contract, a big cheque, or a great advance?  –  Sierra Dean

I actually didn’t buy anything for myself, but my husband took me out for a really romantic dinner and then insisted on taking me shoe shopping.  He really had to twist my arm on that one!  😉  I found the most adorable pair of crimson patent leather Mary Janes with three-inch heel.  Love them!

If you could go back and rewrite/change any aspect of your main character, would you?  –  Amanda Bonilla

I’m pretty happy with all of the main characters in my Transplanted Tales series.  But I guess if I could change anything, I would’ve taken more time to flesh out Nate Grimm’s character in RED (Transplanted Tales #1).  His backstory is intentionally vague, but I think I probably could’ve given a little more insight into him without revealing too much.  Fortunately, he’s getting his own novella in 2014 to tell the rest of his story.  🙂

alongcameaspiderWhat book do you wish that you had written?  –  Jennifer Estep

Oh, wow…  There are soooo many amazing books out there that I wish I’d thought of, from the classics to the modern.  I guess if I had to pick just one, though, it would be The Collected Works of William Shakespeare.  Okay, so I might be cheating a little with that answer, but there’s a reason these plays have stood the test of time.  Sheer brilliance!  And the comedies?  I wish I could be that clever and witty all the time!

Have you ever wished you could visit the world your characters live in and, if so, what do you envision yourself doing in that world? Bartender listening to character woes?  Valued friend?  Frenemy?  –  Adrian Phoenix

I’d love to do a girls’ night out with my heroines:  Tess “Red” Little, Lavender Seelie, and Trish “Little Miss” Muffet.  I think it would be a lot of fun to just hang out and get more of the inside scoop on how things really went down in Make Believe before they came over to our world.

Bonus Question!  What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever been recognized as an author or talked with someone about your books?

I can’t think of anyplace unusual where I’ve been recognized or talked with someone about my books.  But I think the first time someone recognized me was a surreal experience.  I was completely speechless.  I just stared at the woman with my mouth agape.  I couldn’t believe she knew who I was!  😉

Giveaway time!  Kate is offering a digital copy of either Red, The Better to See You or Along Came a Spider (winner’s choice!) to one lucky commenter.  Leave your comment below by Monday September 16th 2013 11:59pm est and that’s it!  This giveaway is open internationally.  Best of luck to all who enter and THANKS to Kate for taking part in Authors Asking Authors and for offering up with awesome prize!  🙂

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  1. Great answers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Yay Kate! So fun getting to know you more through your answers to these fab questions. I got a pair of red shoes, too, when I finished my second novel. 😀

  3. Jen Montgomery says:

    That was cool to get to know you better. Good answers. This series is one of my favorites!! Thanks for the giveaway..

  4. I luff this series!
    And I agree–our agency peeps are the best.

  5. I think these questions and answers are great, gives good insight into how much work actually goes into writing a book and gives me a little more understanding while I am b**ching that my favorite authors do not write books more frequently.

  6. Awesome interview. I love the Transplanted Tales series. The stories are so much fun and Kate makes familiar characters intriguing by giving them greater depth than they ever had in the original fairy tales.

  7. I loved Red – it was so much fun! I’ll have to keep an eye out for Nick’s novella. He was really intriguing!

  8. Stephanie F. says:

    I love this idea of authors asking authors. So much fun, great questions and answers. It’s always interesting to learn more about our favorite authors.

  9. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment! Good luck in the giveway.

    And special thanks to Julie for inviting me to be part of Authors Asking Authors! I had lots of fun answering the questions. 🙂

  10. I *loved* Red 🙂 I’m kicking myself for falling behind. Thanks for sharing and congrats to Katie on the new release!

  11. Azucena Rodriguez says:

    Fairy tales in the real world! Yey!!! I need to read this series 🙂

    These Q&A’s are fun, I love getting to know more about authors 🙂

  12. I’m really enjoying these posts. I know I have Red on my towering TBR pile. I really need to dig it out and read it.

  13. I totally love this concept. I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the giveaway chance!!!

  14. I love Kate’s books and was over the moon when I learned next book is Gideon’s. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on him (his book).

  15. I have always had books in my life, vitsied libraries, and worked or volunteered in libraries of all kinds. My fondest literary memory involves my high school librarian and volunteering in the library over the summer. Every day, I went to the high school to assist Mrs. Sue Eyrich in getting the library ready for automation. As we worked, we talked about everything, not just what I liked to read; she took the time to listen-actually listen to what I had to say and what I thought about things-that made me feel like I mattered and that someone besides my parents actually cared.She made me want to become a teacher and eventually a youth services librarian.

  16. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

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