Sep 26, 2013

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Authors Asking Authors – Adrian Phoenix

Adrian Phoenix fans are celebrating this week.  They are extra excited over the release of On Midnight Wings, the highly anticipated fifth installment in the A Maker’s Song series.  Fans have been waiting over two years for this book and it finally released this past Tuesday!  I am sure many of you called in “sick” from work to stay home and read.  (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.  ;))  This week, Adrian Phoenix is here to answer the questions of Authors Asking Authors.

adrianphoenixDo you have an old writing routine that you used to consider essential (ex: “I can only write if ——-“), that you now don’t need at all?  –  ML Brennan

I used to haughtily believe that I could only write by longhand and turned my nose up at writing on a PC. *rolls eyes* Now I absolutely prefer to write on my PC and only make quick notes in longhand if I’m away from my PC.

Do you have critique partners, beta readers, or even people you run early ideas by? What is your system for that?  –  Carolyn Crane

I have a buddy that I often run bounce ideas off of.  Sometimes just saying an idea out loud to another person is enough for you to hear the brilliance or stupidity of said idea. My good friend Sean Prescott is my go-to idea-bounce guy. Sometimes I have beta readers, sometimes I don’t. It depends on my deadlines.

In reading reviews, have you ever stumbled on any useful insight about your work (punctuation quirks, plot holes, beloved/hated characters, story direction, errors your publisher missed) that changed the way you wrote future books?  –  Jenn Bennett

Reviews can be emotional minefields, even the good ones can be difficult in the sense of “dear God, they thought that was brilliant. How do I freaking top that?  I’m doomed.”  And the bad ones can ding your confidence, no matter how thick-skinned you may be.  But, if I spot a criticism that I think is valid, I learn from it.  When comments are just a reflection of personal taste or preference, I overlook them.  I once saw a comment about my tendency to over-write.  A valid comment, in my opinion, and one that has helped me hone my writing since.  Or I hope it has, at least.  LOL.

onmidnightwingsIf there was one thing about being an author or about the publishing industry that you’d want readers to know/understand, what would it be?  –  Kate SeRine

In the traditional publishing world, the author has very little say over the covers on their books.  Often they have no say.  I’ve been pleased with my covers, even though the heroine doesn’t dress as depicted and doesn’t have any tattoos, and the hero is missing from the covers until book four.  Still the artwork is gorgeous.

So I think most people will ask about process or inspiration, but I’m a shopping girl at heart. What was the first ‘present’ you bought yourself to celebrate a contract, a big cheque, or a great advance?  –  Sierra Dean

A car. I totally bought a 2001 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and named it Cookie. I love that car!

If you could go back and rewrite/change any aspect of your main character, would you?  –  Amanda Bonilla

Nope. Never. Nada. Nyet.

arushofwingsWhat book do you wish that you had written?  –  Jennifer Estep

Wow. I just did a post on this on another blog. One book was the first book in CJ Cherryh’s Faded Sun trilogy, Kesrith. The other was Nightlife by Rob Thurman. But I’m glad I didn’t, because I never would’ve had the pleasure of discovering and reading them. Repeatedly.

Have you ever wished you could visit the world your characters live in and, if so, what do you envision yourself doing in that world?  Bartender listening to character woes?  Valued friend?  Frenemy?  –  Adrian Phoenix

Well, gosh. Guess I’ll answer my own question. Yup, I’ve definitely wished I could visit both Dante’s world (The Maker’s Song) and Kallie’s (Hoodoo books). It’s definitely dangerous hanging around Dante, especially if you’re a vulnerable mortal, so I’d like to be a kick-ass nomad chick and drinking buddy. I could arm wrestle with Von, chat with Heather, and race Lucien—bike against wings. In Kallie’s world, I’d be one of the home girls that she and Belladonna get together with to craft mojo bags and gossip about the sexy men in the bayou—human, loup garou, or other.

Bonus Question!  What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever been recognized as an author or talked with someone about your books?

That would have to be a little motel I stayed at one night while on my way to San Diego. After I checked in, I went to my room and climbed into my PJs. Realizing I was hungry and that there was a Taco Bell across the street, I went out for food to go in my PJs, thinking who will care or notice? (No one.)

When I get back, room key in one hand, bag of greasy tacos in the other, slippers on my feet, someone runs up, “Ms. Phoenix!” It’s the desk clerk and I wonder if something is wrong with my room. Perhaps a serial killer hidden in the closet or a horde of cockroaches just waiting for me to turn off the light. But no. She asks me if I’m the author of The Maker’s Song, then when I confirm, tells me that her younger brother is a huge fan and would I sign something for him? (Turns out she thought my name looked familiar and she called her brother to ask him.)

I had a copy of my latest release at the time, so I signed it for the desk clerk’s brother and gave it to her. Then I unlocked my door, schlepped back into my room slippers and all, and had a fast-food feast minus a cockroach horde or serial killers.

Giveaway time!  Adrian is offering prizes to FIVE lucky winners!  THREE winners will receive a copy of On Midnight Wings and TWO winners will get to pick any book from Adrian’s backlist!  Leave a comment below to enter by Monday, September 30th 2013 11:59pm EST.  All winners will be chosen randomly using my random comment/winner picker.  Good luck to all of you who enter and THANK YOU Adrian for this amazing giveaway!!!

  1. This is one author I have in my TBR which I don’t know yet. I love this series of questions. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. Thanks so much for joining us, Northwoman!

  3. Michelle Smith says:

    I have loved the first 3 books of yours. Absolutely love Dante. Please keep the Maker’s Song series coming.

  4. Thanks so much, Michelle! HUGS! I definitely intend to keep The Maker’s Song series going. I’m currently working on book 6.

  5. oneyda perez says:

    I pick up my book today from the library. Am giddy with anticipation!!!!

  6. Yay! I hope you enjoy it, Oneyda!

  7. Stephanie Russell says:

    Have love Adrian for a long time. Great will not want to put them down.

  8. I’m biting my nails anxiously awaiting OMW to come into my local library! Hubby has me on a book buying freeze for a bit but I’ll for sure get it soon to add to the rest of them on my shelf. So glad to hear that your working on the next book too!!!

    PS Can I please give Dante a hug….he seems to need one 😉

  9. Love this series!!!! Started the book and already can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  10. I just started reading ON MIDNIGHT WINGS. Oh, my. I am loving it but…oh, my.

  11. Stephanie: Thanks so much! HUGS!
    Michelle: I’ll give Dante a hug from you, yes. Maybe you’ll win a copy!
    Carol: Thank you! <3
    Ellen: I hope you enjoy it!

  12. Ashley Martinez says:

    Absolutely love your Marker’s Song series! I hope you continue writing this series for a long time! Your characters and story are wonderfully crafted, thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 Look forward to reading On Midnight Wings.

  13. Beverly Gordon says:

    I cant waitttt to read this one ive been waiting for alonggg time but been brushing up by reading the first ones to my better half and telling everyone to read them. I love all of your books and characters so glad this book is finally here

  14. Thanks so much, Ashley and Beverly!! Your continued support means so much to me. HUGS!!!

  15. I got my book but since Adrian and I both have a birthday coming up, I’m holding off until next week to start reading (and it is hard waiting since I have been bouncing around in anticipation for the past month!!) Thanks Adrian, I’ve missed the boys and Heather and Annie!

  16. thanks for all the insights, Adrian! and i’m loving OMW! trying to savor it for sure 😉

    and the B-52 coffee is all ready for you

  17. adelle medberry says:

    great interview! Tons of fun! Love the taco bell story, hilarious! Can’t wait to read OMW

  18. I am definitely putting this series on my TBR list. I absolutely loved the Hoodoo series. Great interview!

  19. Barbara Elness says:

    I love the idea of authors asking authors, it’s so fun. I loved the bit about being recognized by the desk clerk at the motel, that was probably the most excitement she had ever had at work, and I’m sure her brother was thrilled with the signed book.

  20. I actually just picked up the first 3 books in this series! I”m so exited to get caught up 🙂 Congrats to Adrian on the newest release! thanks for sharing!

  21. Great interview. I love this series.

  22. I have the whole Maker’s Song series sitting on my bookshelf since AADNOLA. I’d love to add the new release to the collection so I can do a series read-a-thon.

    I’ve loving this feature and the authors’ answers.

  23. I loved this, having other authors ask the questions. I am going to patiently wait at the bar for the arm wrestling with Von to happen 🙂

    Please do not enter me in the contest.

  24. thanks for the really nice interview. I really loved the books I’ve read in both series and I really need to read the others now!

  25. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to check in yesterday–I got absolutely swamped at my day job and went home, utterly exhausted, so yay for the weekends!

  26. Elma: Early Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy OMW!

    Conn: Thanks! And I’m so glad you’re out of the hospital!

    Adelle: Glad you enjoyed the post. It was a lot of fun. And I’m always going to remember the Taco Bell story. I remember thinking afterwards, “And that’s why you never go out in PJs and slippers.” LOL.

  27. Followthep: Thanks for loving the Hoodoo series. I’m going to start on the 3rd book in that series soon. Plus, book 6 of The Maker’s Song series will be a crossover book with Hoodoo.

    I appreciate you added The Maker’s Song books to your TBR list.


  28. Barbara, I agree–the post was a lot of fun! And the whole motel incident will be something I always remember, as well. 🙂

  29. erinf1: Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the read! <3

  30. SusanS: Thanks so much! HUGS!

    Jennifer: So good to hear from you again! Please send me a message. You should have my email address, yeah?

  31. Annette: Thanks so much, sweetie! And, yeah, the arm wrestling with Von would be funny as hell!

    Melliane: HUGS! Thanks so much for your support!

  32. I love this series so much, I cant wait to read on Midnight wings and see what happens next with Dante and Heather. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  33. You’re more than welcome, Lea! Thanks for joining us!

  34. Stephanie F. says:

    Love the feature and answers. One of my favorite series. It’s so dark, sexy and at times funny. I’m so anxious to read this one after the ending of the last book.

  35. Stephanie F. : I hope you enjoy it! And thanks!

  36. i have been waiting a long time for the release of the 4th book and that wait was well worth it. The story pickedup where 3 left off. Adrian I am so glad you are a great writer and cameup with the maker songs series.

    I can’t wait to finish reading the book to see what happens at the end and hopefully see a 5th book coming next year. You truly are my favorite writer. Keep up the great work…
    Thank you for sharing these great stories. 🙂 Love Denise Kenney

  37. Denise: Thanks so much! I’m honored to be your favorite writer. I’m currently working on book 6 which should be out next August or September.

    Big HUGS!!

  38. Downloaded OMW on my kindle…so happy to be back in Dante’s world 🙂 Thank you Adrain for everything you create and share with us! Lots of love from this Cajun chick!!! Addie

  39. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Thanks so much Addie!! <3

    Jamie, you're welcome!

  41. Blatney Sortwell says:

    I just got done with OMW and OMG im ready for book 6 . Wish i could hug Dante and tell him Its going to be ok . 🙂 Hugs to all of Dante household

  42. Elizabeth Gray says:

    Love the Maker’s Song series. I’m almost finished with On Midnight Wings. Can’t wait for the next one.

  43. Blatney: Thanks so much! I’ll pass your hug along to Dante. Hugs to you too!

  44. Elizabeth: Thanks for joining in! Big hugs, girlfriend!

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