Oct 14, 2013

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Question – Can You Quote a Book Without Looking?

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Book Quotes.  There are tons out there.  In almost every book, you will read a passage or a single line and think “what a great line!”  I’m sure you remember many scenes but do you remember any lines by heart?  Could you share some of your favorite book quotes without first peeking at the book they come from?

I have a few that I love and that stick easily with me.  I believe what makes these lines so memorable for me isn’t necessarily that specific quote but what it means in the book or how the few words encompass an entire scene I love.

For example, the very last line in Ilona Andrews’ Magic Dreams “Oh my gods.”  That right there captures Dali and her feelings from the entire book perfectly.  And that line gives me little butterflies every time I think about it.

My next ‘memorable without looking’ quote is also by Ilona Andrews.  Well, Gordon Andrews to be specific as it comes from one of his Curran POVs.  When Curran first meets Kate.  That scene is one of my most favorite in the whole series and Curran’s POV of it is just amazing.  After Kate says “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.” and Curran thinks “Oh my God, she was retarded  and I was going to kill Jim.”  Funny.  Every.  Time.

I have one more line that I can quote off by heart and it’s from a scene that makes me cry every time I read it.  It probably shouldn’t make me cry because it is also one of the sexiest scenes out there.  You may already know which I am talking about.  The line “You’re leaving me, Rainbow Girl” from Karen Marie Moning’s Dreamfever is just perfect as it means so much with so few words.

So there you have it.  Those are the book quotes I can spew off without first looking at the book.  Can you quote a book without looking?

  1. Northwoman says:

    I also have many favorite lines from Ilona Andrews and the “Here kitty, kitty..” is one of them. The other is when Kate and Andrea are having tea with Aunt B. They are contemplating ways to get Curran to stop pursuing Kate. A method is suggested and Kate says, “He would run like he was on fire.”

    And one from Book 2 of SVM. Sookie asks Eric what he is doing in her bed and he replies, “Snuggling.”

    Those are the ones which come to mind immediately. I think most of my most memorable ones are funny ones.

  2. I can do it from a few books, but the 2 series I know the most quotes are, Fever and Outlander.

    I didn’t get a chance to wish you a Happy Thanksgivings, I hope you had a wonderful time 🙂

  3. oh yes you’re righr, love your quotes. I confess that I’m too tired but I’ll have to try and see if I can remember too.

  4. Some yes! some no! Some I paraphrase and act like that is what was said LOL

  5. Northwoman – I like the ‘running like fire’ one lol.

    Lupdilup – LOTS of great quotes in the Fever books!

    melliane – It does require sitting down and thinking a little bit lol

    Felicia – Paraphrasing is good. I can paraphrase a bunch too. They always make me smile even though they are not word for word 🙂


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