Oct 24, 2013

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Authors Asking Authors – Amanda Bonilla

This week’s author rocks.  Plain and simple.  She can write smut as well as she writes urban fantasy and when I pick up one of her books, I know I am going to be taken in by the characters and enthralled by her worlds.  And she is a lovely lady to boot.  My answerer this week, the final week for Authors Asking Authors, is Amanda Bonilla.

amandabonillaDo you have an old writing routine that you used to consider essential (ex: “I can only write if ——-“), that you now don’t need at all?  –  ML Brennan

I used to guzzle Coke Zero while I was writing, but the hubs and I have sworn off soda.  Since then, I’ve learned to live without it.

Do you have critique partners, beta readers, or even people you run early ideas by? What is your system for that?  –  Carolyn Crane

I have a couple of crit partners and betas who are invaluable!  I listen to their feedback, and make revisions accordingly.  The number one rule with crits, though, is to trust your gut.  This is your book after all, and if you don’t agree with someone’s feedback, it’s your prerogative to shelf it.

In reading reviews, have you ever stumbled on any useful insight about your work (punctuation quirks, plot holes, beloved/hated characters, story direction, errors your publisher missed) that changed the way you wrote future books?  –  Jenn Bennett

I try to stay away from reviews.  I learned to avoid them after my first book and I read one that was so negative I cried for days and didn’t get off the couch.  I feel like reviews are for readers, not for authors.  It’s too late to change anything once the book is out anyway, so gleaning any insight from a review after the book is published is sort of like closing the barn door after the horse gets out.

venganceborneIf there was one thing about being an author or about the publishing industry that you’d want readers to know/understand, what would it be?  –  Kate SeRine

That the industry moves at its own pace and there’s nothing we can do about it.  If a reader is bummed that a book’s release date has been pushed back, believe me, we’re just as bummed as you are and if we could move things along, we would!

So I think most people will ask about process or inspiration, but I’m a shopping girl at heart. What was the first ‘present’ you bought yourself to celebrate a contract, a big cheque, or a great advance?  –  Sierra Dean

I bought myself a new laptop.  The one I’d be using was ancient!

If you could go back and rewrite/change any aspect of your main character, would you?  –  Amanda Bonilla

I always ask the hardest questions of myself.  A few months ago, I might have answered yes, but I had the opportunity to revisit some quotes from Shaedes of Gray while I was at AAD and I realized that she’s grown so much as a character and isn’t that spoiled, cocky girl anymore.  Character growth is vital in any series and I’m glad that mine have grown.  So, no. I wouldn’t change my characters, even if I had the opportunity to do it.  I love them despite their flaws.

cravethedarknessWhat book do you wish that you had written?  –  Jennifer Estep

Please. Harry Potter, of course.  LOL!  I’d be totally stimulating the economy with the income!  New purses and shoes for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever wished you could visit the world your characters live in and, if so, what do you envision yourself doing in that world? Bartender listening to character woes?  Valued friend?  Frenemy?  –  Adrian Phoenix

This is a toughie!  On one hand, I’d love to visit my characters’ worlds.  Then again, I tend to write pretty violent worlds, too.  So maybe I’d just be the hapless human who stays out of everyone’s business.  LOL!

Bonus Question!  What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever been recognized as an author or talked with someone about your books?

I’ve never been recognized out of the blue, but it would be crazy if that happened!  I’ve talked about my books at weddings, a funeral, and in the middle of the feminine hygiene aisle at the grocery store, so I guess those are all pretty strange places. 🙂

Giveaway time!  Amanda is offering one digital copy of Vengeane Borne to a lucky winner!  Leave a comment below before Monday October 28th 11:59pm EST and you are entered.  Best of luck to everyone and THANK YOU Amanda for the giveaway!

  1. Vicki Webster says:

    I’ve loved this series of posts. And thanks Amanda, every week I always get to the bonus question and think Hello, Harry Potter.

  2. Not sure I could live without Coke Zero, lol! I’m impressed! My one Coke Zero in the morning is my “indulgence.” It would be hard to give up!

  3. I love the Shaede Assassin books and haven’t had a chance yet to try Vengeance Borne, but would really like to read it!

  4. Texas Book Lover says:

    I too gave up sodas, in my case it was Dr. Pepper. I gave them up about 10 years ago now when I got to the point of drinking about a 12 pack a day. I don’t miss them at all now.

  5. Northwoman says:

    The last week! Say it isn’t so.

  6. Bonnie Gill says:

    Great interview. I love the questions that were asked. I’m going to go check out your books now.

  7. I’m not entenring but thank you so much for the interview, it’s always fascinating to know more! Love all the books.

  8. I love all of Amanda Bonilla’s books and appreciated this little glimpse into her brain! I don’t need to be entered, as I already have all the books. I really like this series of posts and hope you do it again someday!

  9. Azucena Rodriguez says:

    A world without sodas??? Never 🙁 I’ve yet to read any of Amanda Bonilla’s books. I’m a bit new to the UF genre but I’ve had her Shaede Assasins series in my “want to read” list for a long time.

  10. Love, love, LOVE the Shaede Assassin series! I never want to put them down, so I am excited for the new series.

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