Oct 23, 2013

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Review: Sins of the Lost by Linda Poitevin (Grigori Legacy #3)

sinsofthelost4 star

Urban Fantasy
October 15 2013
358 pages
Received from publisher via NetGalley

Kick Ass Chick – Alexandra (Alex) Jarvis

From Goodreads –
Heaven and Hell are on the brink of war as Lucifer builds his Nephilim army and waits for his new agenda to become a reality — that of having a Nephilimchild of his own bloodline to lead his forces to cataclysmic victory.

With rumors of the pending war rampant on Earth, Alex fights to save humanity from its own panic –­ leaving little time for her fledgling
relationship with Seth, the man with heavenly origins who has captured her heart. But when Nephilim children begin to disappear, along with Alex’s own vulnerable niece, the inevitable war between Heaven and Hell becomes as personal as sin.

Heaven has its own plans to fight the coming apocalypse, but first it needs Seth back. Asked to betray the man she loves, Alex must turn for help to the soulmate she thought she’d given up — the Archangel Aramael, who may be her last chance to save her family and humanity from the ashes of Lucifer’s Armageddon.


Sins of the Lost is the third book in Linda Poitevin’s Grigori Legacy series.  Every time I read one of these books, I am amazed by the world Linda created.  The detail is just remarkable and her ideas for Heaven and Hell, for the One, Lucifer and her angels is unlike anything I have ever read before.

This book starts off not too long after the last one left off.  *spoilers for past books ahead* Seth is now human and with Alex.  Alex is trying her darndest to keep going after everything that happened to her in the last installment and that’s not easy considering no one knows that angels even exist and that the end of the world is coming.  She went through absolute hell in the last book and the fact that she is even still standing is a miracle.

I felt for Seth and Alex’s struggles.  Linda does a great job making us feel what they are feeling.  They are such strong characters.  Then throw in Aramael, Alex’s soulmate who happens to be an angel and who also happens to be the man Alex did not pick, and you have yet another soul who is being tested in this book.  So much confusion and sadness mixed with courage and strength.  And let’s not forget about the angels in Heaven and the fallen angels in Hell who are all trying to figure out their place in everything that will likely happen soon and you have many layers of emotion that feeds you throughout this book.  As you can tell, this book is not a light and fluffy read but it really did make me think “what if that could actually happen someday?!”  For a writer of fantasy to be able to have me wonder that just shows what a strong writer Linda is.

There are many things that happened in this book that I did not see coming.  You get drawn in pretty much from the first page then you get yanked and pulled and twisted and smacked and finally when you reach the end, there isn’t much relief.  I was very impressed with this installment and the ride it took me on.

I really don’t know what else to say.  This book tore me in the very best of ways.  I lost track of how many times I wanted to shake each and every character and how many times I also wanted to sooth them.  The previous two books end in one hell of a cliffhanger.  This one ends is a mild one, if you want to call it that.  It’s the sort of ending that makes you want the next book NOW but not the sort that makes you curl up in a ball to cry.  But you might cry while reading this book though because, as I said, the emotion is intense in the very best of ways.

Overall, I really enjoyed Sins of the Lost.  Linda has a very soothing voice and thank goodness for that because you need it to counterbalance the stress she puts you through.  She brings to your attention what free will truly does to humanity (and in this case, to ‘others’ too) and makes you think, not only about what you are reading but also about how things brought up in the book affect your own real-life.  Really, truly, Linda is a stunning storyteller.  Fans of urban fantasy should not miss this series.

4.5 stars

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  1. The end man the end!

  2. I really need to start this series, I have book 1 in my huge TBR pile.

  3. One day Julie, one day … Glad you love this series.

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