Oct 30, 2013

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Interview – Ask Nalini Singh

Remember a while back when YOU had the opportunity to ask Nalini Singh whatever you wanted…and she would answer!  Well today is the day you guys not only see whose questions actually made their way to Nalini but you’ll also see how she answered!  This is an awesome day indeed.

So help me in welcoming the incredibly talented and super sweet Nalini Singh to the blog today!!!

Thanks for the great questions everyone! I hope you enjoy my answers.

Nalini Singh Author Photo - SmallLove both the Psy/Changeling and Guild Hunter series. Do you write a book in one series then the other or do you switch between them?  –  Danielle H

The worlds are so different that I need to be immersed in one at a time. So generally I don’t switch back and forth during writing.

The only time this changes is when edits come in – for example, I had edits for ARCHANGEL’S LEGION come in while I was working on the first draft of SHIELD OF WINTER. In that situation, I usually take a few days to a week to focus intensely on the edits and that world, before switching back to my work in progress after the edits are complete.

In Angel’s Dance, we’ve gotten to know Galen and Jessamy some more and how they met etc. Will we be seeing more of them in any future books? –  SilkeISD 

Everyone is entwined in the series, as it’s a living world, so you’ll see them again when they have a role to play in another story. You get tiny glimpses of them in Archangel’s Legion, for example, when the storyline links back to them.

 archangelsconsortEAI also wrote a free short story about them titled “Weapons Training” that I sent out in my newsletter.

If you missed out, join the newsletter (via the signup box on my website), then send my assistant Ashwini a nice email requesting the back issue with the story. 🙂

Again, in Angel’s Dance, we’ve gotten to know Galen and Jessamy some more. Near the end of their novella, they talked a bit about having/adopting children. Will they possibly be having/adopting a child anytime soon?  –  SilkeISD 

There’s no rush for them – remember, the angels live thousands upon thousands of years. If the time is right, then it may happen, but there’s nothing in progress at the moment.

Who is your favorite book hero?  –  Raaamzy

heartofobsidianNo way for me to choose! I love them all!

Hi Nalini! Is there a real reason why Max was born with a mental shield? I believe that there has to be a reason for that. It can’t be natural for a human, right? Maybe down the line he has some sort of Psy blood in him… He can’t have it just because, my brain can’t accept and process that, lol.  –  Azucena Rodriguez

Children who are abused sometimes develop that shield through sheer self defense. The human mind is capable of incredible things, and this is how Max’s mind coped with what he went through as a child. A mental, if not physical escape.

Hi, Nalini! I’ve always wondered: who is Illium’s father and is he still around? There has ever been any mention of him.  –  Irene

This is a question for which you’ll have to wait for the answer. Sorry!

Will Kit be featured in his own book? I know he is still a baby alpha, but I love him.  –  Susan E

Kit is still relatively young. As an alpha, he needs time to grow into his skin, and since I don’t like skipping big chunks of time (we’ll miss out on so much if I go forward ten years for example), that means we have to wait for him to learn who he is, become the alpha he’s meant to be.

archangelslegionDon’t forget to check out Nalini’s latest release, Archangel’s Legion.  It’s the fifth book in her Guild Hunter series and it’s AWESOME!

Here’s where you can find Nalini –


  1. Thanks for this fun interview! I am also a big fan of Illium, and of Kit. So looking forward to reading more books.

  2. Azucena Rodriguez says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for the interview! Buuu on the Max thing. Jk, lol!

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