Nov 6, 2013

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Silly Stuff. Otherwise known as “oh crap! followed by “$%#@!”


So…it’s late Tuesday night.  (As in last night.)  I’m reading.  I’ve been REALLY lucky lately and have been reading some excellent books.  Excellent to the point where once I open the book, I am completely immersed and I seem to stop noticing what is going on around me.  I don’t notice that the cat is starting to eat my carpet because I have forgotten to feed him.  I don’t notice that my eight year old daughter has had to make supper to feed my family because suppertime has come and gone.  I don’t notice that my five year old son is still up playing Skylanders…and *finally checks the clock* it’s 2am!

WTF!  Crap boy, get to bed!

Back to Tuesday night…  I’d been reading for about an hour now and am feeling my eyes getting heavy.  So I finally admit to myself that it’s time for bed and that’s when I realize…  OH CRAP!  I FORGOT TO WRITE A POST FOR TOMORROW (aka Today)

So instead of staying up even later to write my regular post and totally regretting it in the morning, I decide against writing a typical Silly Stuff post.  Instead, today I am going to ask you has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever found yourself so engrossed in a book where life just seems to slip by you?


  1. Yes, much to my husband’s chagrin! But now I have to know what you’ve been reading!

  2. Um, one word…YES!

  3. Totally! I once lost a whole day to reading. I looked out the window and it was dark, the dog was crossing her legs with need to pee, and I had accomplished absolutely nothing! But it was all good, I was reading a great book! 🙂

  4. I remember the very first time that TBI total book immersion) struck. I was on a bus, coming home from college in upstate New York, bound for Baltimore. I was so engrossed in the story that I lost complete track of time and place. I managed to read without looking up all the way through the trip AND a 40 minute stop in Baltimore. I was very lucky that Washington, D.C. was the end of the line, and that the driver came back to chase me off the bus. Who knows how far down South my poor parents might have had to drive to come and collect me!

  5. Of course I do. That is the live of a booklover. A good book does that to us all. But most often, I do notice the time and just don’t care, that book has to be finished before bedtime.
    I do ignore what is happening around me though, when completely sucked into a good book.

  6. I feel I’ve lost 2013 to books. Early this year I finally nailed down the genre name I was looking for to find books I wanted to read: Urban Fantasy. I started “slow” reading a book every other day, by May I was reading 10 books a week. Last few months I’ve slowed back down to a book every day or 2, mostly because pickings for good books have thinned and become harder to find among the chafe.

    Thanks to blogs like this one, though, I’ve found so many great series to follow for years to come.

    Patricia Briggs in general, Kate Daniels, Fever, Otherworld, early Darkhunter, Chicagoland Vampires, Larissa Ione’s work. I jumped into this genre from the Dresden Files and feel it has suffered from so much quality competition.

    Thank You and YES!!! I’m a chronic “walk-reader” and walked right into a pole at work not too long ago reading (off the clock). Much easier to avoid potholes than poles while reading with just peripheral vision to guide me.

  7. Lee – I read Archangel’s Legion, Hell Bent and Kinked back to back. In there I also snuck in Tangled (review coming soon). Not all were super 5 star reads but they were all good enough to make me forget about my ‘regular’ life for a while lol

    Christi – Yes!

    Liz – OMG that is awesome! I love that you lost a whole day. I’m sure your dog wasn’t, but I think it’s cool lol

    Mzcue – TBI – Love it!

    aurian – 🙂

    Iain – Urban Fantasy is amazing! Such wonderful worlds and stories! I am so glad you are enjoying it. And your story of walking into a pole while reading made me smile. 🙂

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