Nov 11, 2013

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Question – Do You Blindly Read A New Series By A Favorite Author?

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We all have them.  Favorite authors.  Authors we would sell our left nut for to get a copy of the next book in their current series.  If we had left nuts, that is.

But what if one of our favorite authors writes something new?  A shiny new series not about the characters you have grown to love but about new character you know nothing about yet?  What do you do?

I used to just jump in without even reading the blurb.  It’s a book by the author of a favorite series so of course I’ll love it, right?!  Turns out, wrong.  I don’t always like a book even if it is written by a favorite author and that makes me feel so guilty!

What’s with that, anyway?  The guilt you feel when you don’t like a book written by an author you admire or find super nice or talented???

*sigh*  back on topic.

After a few of those instances, I now read the blurb before deciding if the book is for me.  I also take the genre into consideration.  Many authors I love went steampunk when it was all the rage to do so.  It’s not a genre I typically connect with.  I tried reading their books but the genre is what got to me.

So even though I want to support the authors of my favorite series, if they write a book I am pretty sure I won’t enjoy, I won’t read it.  Sometimes, I buy it and gift it though.  That way I support the author without feeling the guilt of reading a book by them I didn’t enjoy.

How about you?  Do you blindly read a new series by a favorite author?

  1. There are a couple of authors that are auto buy for me no matter what they write. I don’t even read the blurb, lol ! For me, if I like their usual style, then even if they shift genres a little, then I like to follow and see if their ability to suck me into their new world holds true. 🙂

  2. Maybe with my top 3 authors. Otherwise, my budget does not allow for me to blindly choose books.

  3. Not if a favorite author delves into a genre that doesn’t interest me. For instance, stories with historical settings seldom appeal, so I give those books a pass. Not much drawn to young adult or new adult stories despite their popularity these days.

    I’ve also found that an author who does smashing contemporary may leave me cold as she ventures into paranormal or urban fantasy. For instance, I delight in most of Kristen Ashley’s novels, but almost couldn’t finish a pair of her shifter/vamp stories and regretted buying them. I’ll auto-buy her Colorado, Hero, and Chaos books, but her PNR didn’t do it for me.

  4. Yes! I’ll give the first book a try, change is good for the soul! But…if it’s not something I like, I won’t give the 2nd book a try even for a favorite author.

  5. I was going to say an enthusiastic absolutely! But then I realized that I can think of a couple of current new series that I’m hesitating about.
    I absolutely love Sierra Dean’s Secret series and bought without hesitation Autumn (and will continue with the rest of the series), but I have yet to jump into her baseball series because I really dislike baseball and don’t think I’ll enjoy books that live in the baseball world.
    But I guess if I really LOVE an author and regularly read the genre of the new book, I’m a sure thing. 🙂

  6. Erica Pillera says:


    If its a favourite author they get put on my automatic buy list.

    Such as Gena Showalter she writes paranormal romance, young adult and contemporary etc Love them all

    Also Katie MacAlister (Who I Love and talk about often) she writes contemporary and historical and young adult and paranormal and even a steampunk. I have loved them all so I would blindly read everything of hers. I even have her historicals and Im not a huge fan of Historical genre especially if there are no Yummy highlanders but her writing style and her wit make those stories completely enjoyable.

    Yeah there is always a genre you prefer from any author but if you love them you will give everything they have a go.

  7. I was also going to say absolutely yes but can also think of exceptions, so no not without the blurb and I don’t blindly follow into a different genre especially if its one I don’t normally read. I definitely pay attention though when a new book comes out and am more likely to consider it than if I had never heard of them before. I also have authors that I love one series and not another, for example I LOVE Kate Daniels, will automatically buy every book that comes out and especially avoid the blurb and reviews so as not to spoil anything but I am not a fan of the Edge series, I couldn’t finish it.

  8. Hm-m-m yes and no. There are a few current auto-buys and so far those have not disappointed. I’ve had trouble with some other long running series in the past when I go to buy the next series it just doesn’t do it for me. The first book in that new series better grab me or it’s all over.

  9. If a favorite authors writes a new series, I’ll definitely be excited about it. But honestly, I never buy a book without reading the description/blurb. And if that doesn’t sound appealing to me, it takes quite great reviews or recommendations by people I know&trust to get me to buy it anyway. But if the description sounds amazing, I’d even hazard branching out into a genre I’m not familiar with or don’t usually like all that much.

  10. well…. yes I confess I do that lol. If it’s someone I love I’m sure I’ll love her new work. And even it’s not something I don’t usually read, I need to try it!!!

  11. I have three times. I followed two of my favorite adult authors to their YA series. Then I followed a favorite YA author to an adult series. And I liked all their books. So I will most likely do it again in the future.

  12. I typically jump at books by my favorite authors, as long as their writing in a genre I like. I do feel some sort of obligation to support them, like you said, so I try to check out everything a favorite author writes, even if it’s just to decide it’s not for me. I love the idea of gifting the ones that aren’t for me – I’m going to start doing that too. Great post!

  13. O yes, I follow blindly. But if that first book is not to my liking, I won’t continue with that series.
    And as for Sierra Dean: I hate sports, really truly. But with that baseball book, she made me love the book nonetheless. So, go for it.

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