Nov 12, 2013

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Review: Chimera by Kelly Meding (Meta Wars #4)

chimera5 star

Urban Fantasy
November 11 2013
384 pages
Pocket Star
Received from publisher

Yummy Man – Chimera
Kick Ass Chick – Renee “Flex” Duvall

From Goodreads –
A mysterious and dangerous conspiracy deepens, threatening the superpowered Rangers and pushing Flex to join forces with one of her team’s mortal enemies: a Bane called Chimera.

Growing up with blue skin never made Renee “Flex” Duvall feel like at outcast. She learned early on to put people at ease with her wit and exuberant personality. So she’s certainly not going to let her façade crack when she and her teammates suddenly face a new breed of genetically manipulated and brainwashed Metas: the well-trained teenage criminals known as the Recombinants.

When a desperate battle leaves one of their friends wounded, Renee and Ethan follow a clue to Manhattan Island, where the Banes have been imprisoned. There they find a Bane named Chimera, who refuses to cooperate despite possessing information that could help them stop the Recombinants. Chimera’s emotional scars are as devastating as Renee’s physical scars, and soon the two find common ground in shared pain. Against her better judgment, Renee forms an alliance with this Bane. They both can gain much from working together, so the only question is who has more to lose by cooperating…


Chimera is the fourth book in Kelly Meding super cool Meta Wars series.  This is a series that follows the adventures of a group of people who have super powers.  Yes super powers.  Like the X-Men.

Let me tell you, by the end of this book, I was exhausted.

Each book is told from a different person’s point of view and this time, it is Renee’s turn to share her story.  Renee’s power is she is able to flex and stretch her body to amazing lengths.  Well, she used to be able to do this. Thanks to an accident that left her burned on most of her body, she can’t stretch quite like she used to.  Another feature that is strictly Renee is she’s blue.  Literally the color blue.  She has been that way since she was eight years old.  So right now, Renee is dealing with her ‘since childhood’ issues as well as new issues such as the loss of most of her powers, the loss of a very close friend and, of course, her (and her friends’) life being threatened pretty much every day.

Renee’s childhood surprised me!  What a mess that was.  As Kelly said, she definitely wins the award for worst parents ever.  Knowing more and more about her, her attitude and her brashness makes sense.  And the more you know about her, the more you feel she deserves a happily ever after.  I have always felt there was something vulnerable and special about Renee and it turns out I was right.

Every installment of this series is also a paranormal romance of sorts.  There is a story of how two people come together but it’s not your usual romance tale.  I was very surprised by whom Renee’s ‘mate’ ended up being but soon after finding out, it made sense.  Renee needs someone who is older and who can see through her façade.  Renee needed to be with someone who will help calm her worries and ease her vulnerabilities.  Younger men aren’t always equipped to do that but his man is.  He really works for her.

In the last book, Kelly introduced us to a few Banes – people with powers who fought on the side of evil in the war.  We continue to meet and get to know some in this intallment.  I like that she is doing this.  It really makes readers re-think what they felt in the first couple of books when it comes to these supposed evil people.  I especially like the Bane we see quite a bit of in this book…and to find out who I am talking about you will just have to read the book. 😉

Other than introducing us to Banes we met previously and watching Renee deal with her crazy life, we also meet a group of Metas.  And the mystery of who the ultimate bad guy is is still addressed in this installment.

We get a lot of updates about heroes and heroines from past books.  Let me warn you, not all of the updates are good.  Kelly really doesn’t spare anyone in this series.  Which brings me to the jaw dropping/shocking moments.

This would not be a Meta Wars book without a few insane jaw dropping revelations.  There were plenty to chose from.  Most, as usual, caught me off guard and made me freeze, shake my head and re-read the passage to make sure I read correctly the first time.  And as usual, there was one in particular that left me more disbelieving than others.  That is part of the fun of this series.  These poor characters go through SO much!  And just when you think nothing else could happen, bam! something else happens!  Someone new comes out of the woodwork or someone dies or…  No one is safe in these books.  But what fun would it be if people were safe?!  It would make one dull book and that is one thing this series and this book is not and that’s boring.

Overall, I really enjoyed Chimera.  It is one crazy ride that really does keep you wanting more.   Kelly is such an amazing storyteller.  Her world continues to impress me and her characters continue to charm me.  This is dark urban fantasy with an extra fantastical twist and fans of the genre really should check these books out.

5 stars

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