Dec 2, 2013

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Question – Does It Bother You When You Get A Sense Of Déjà-vu?

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Is it just me or are there more romance books being released now than ever?  And not only put out by the big Houses but also the slew of small press pubs and independent/self-published too!  Add to that eBooks and you have romance books coming out of everyone’s wazoo!  Not that I am complaining.  I love my books and having more out there only makes for extra happiness for us romance readers.

But all of these books need covers and unique covers with cover models are very expensive.  So many pubs and authors turn to stock photos and photoshop and someone who knows how to happily marry the two.  But where that creates less pricey covers, it also creates a sense of déjà-vu for many readers.  What I mean is this:

sweetassincover37927-medium dangerously_uk_350

I read Sweet as Sin and LOVED that book.  Because of that, I remember the cover.  Now suddenly I am seeing the image from the cover here there and everywhere and I’m thinking two things:  so much for originality and poor Inez as I saw this particular cover on her book first!  (Honestly, I wonder how authors feel about ‘their’ covers being on someone else’s book.  Or are they used to it by now it’s not such a big deal?…)

I can’t say it bothers me but it does make me shake my head a little bit.  You would think publishers would want their covers to be not everyone else’s cover too.  *shrugs*

So how about you…  Does it bother you when you get a sense of déjà-vu and see the same cover image over and over and over?

  1. I think if I was an author it would totally annoy me. I mean, aren’t there enough stock photos out there so that duplication wouldn’t happen? If there is a shortage, well I guess that would be a good business to start up.
    I do associate a book with a cover.

  2. Can’t help doing a private eye-roll when I see the same art tortured into a new cover.

    There is one male model—I call him Vince—who’s very striking, fiercely cut muscles, tormented expression (probably from desperate hunger, since that’s how they get those abs to pop), usually blond (but not always), and he always shows up in the exact same pose. I’ve seen the shot more than 10 times now.

    Poor Vince is so overused that when I see him turn up each time, I do wonder if other things, particularly the editing, are also going to be slap-dash. Doesn’t bother me as in making me feel cheated that I’m not getting a good enough cover to look at. It’s more a hesitancy to bother with something in cheesy packaging.

    Covers may influence whether I open a new book, but since you don’t see them much in the digital format, I don’t care all that much about them in the end—especially since so often the models don’t match the characters in any way.

  3. This is so funny. I do a ton of looking around for stock art (as you know!), and sometimes when I see a certain picture, I just laugh, think, omg, everybody used that! Also, when I find a really cool one, I think, in 6 months everybody will be using this. But, what is a girl to do?

    There are actually tons of dorky stock art photos out there. Like, a really hot guy, but he is wearing something SO dorky, you could never use it. So the good ones really stick out! I think the key is to build on the art to make it really unique, so even if somebody else uses the photo, it’s still fresh.

  4. It bothers me. A lot. As a digital first author, I have VERY LITTLE say in my covers to begin with so when I see things like this, it irks me. I want to stomp my first and scream “MINE MINE MINE” but I can’t.

  5. *stomp my FEET*

    And now you see why I have an editor. *blush*

  6. Michelle – Good business idea for sure! lol

    Mzcue – Poor Vince lol. I know what you mean by ultimately it doesn’t really matter but you can’t help but roll your eyes when you see the same thing over and over.

    Carolyn – Yes, I am aware of your struggle to find great stock photos. 😉

    Inez – I thought ‘Inez’s’ when I saw these covers too!

  7. Erica Pillera says:

    Yes most definately I absolutely hate it!!!!!

    I understand that some authors dont have a choice but I still dont like it.

    Most of the time covers are just as important as the book especially if you are buying the paperback. (Check out Marata Eros she has the Hottest covers)

    It also makes it harder to remember if it is the same book you have already read or not.

  8. Yes it does bother me as a reader. If I see a cover I do not want to think: hmm, do I have that book or is it a different one from the book I already have. Especially as I have so many unread books ..

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