Dec 18, 2013

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Silly Stuff – Christmas Photos Gone Wrong

This has been all over twitter and facebook so I am sure you have already seen it but you know what? It’s worth a look again. And if you have not seen it, then you are in for a treat. So take out the soap so you can wash off your eyeballs and enjoy these Christmas photos gone horribly wrong.


Would any of you be bold enough to do this?  Or odd enough.  Either or 😉


I would say this is Photoshopped but it’s still quite funny.  And the cat – real or fake?




What do you think?  Is this a dare gone horribly wrong?…


I think what we are all thinking here is ‘why?!’  Oh, and ‘think of the children!’


I like how this one seems genuine.  Crazy, but genuine lol


There are no words…  Although, I’m sure many men out there would use the word ‘awesome’ to describe this sweater.

Want more? You can click here and you’ll see the whole list 🙂


  1. Julie! OMG! Where do you find these gems!!
    There are some that I don’t know if to laugh or cry. OMFG!

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