Dec 16, 2013

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Question – Have You Ever “Fixed” A Bookshelf At A Bookstore To ‘Help’ A Favorite Book?

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So I was at the bookstore the other day…

I was looking to buy print copies of some of the digital ARCs I had already read but wanted on my keeper shelf.  (For those of you who are not aware, when we bloggers receive digital review copies from publishers, we have less than two months to read them.  After 55 or so days the publisher relinquishes our access to them.  That means if we want to go back and re-read them in a year or  so, we can’t.  That is why I go out and buy some of my favorites.  Plus, I like to support my favorite authors :))  I also like to look for some of my favorite books to see if they are even at the store…and when I see them on the shelf, I always smile.  (Am I the only one who does this???)

I was in the Fantasy section and was looking for ML Brennan’s Generation V (a book I love and think everyone should read), to see if it was in stock.  It was!  But the poor book was stuck between two much larger hardcover books and was pushed back so far on the shelf that no one could notice it!  *gasp* I just had to fix this!  So I pulled it forward past the bigger books, making sure it was very noticeable.

This is not the first time I do something like this.  Sometimes I will place a book that I love in front of a very popular book just to get people to pick it up.  I know it won’t stay there for long because the staff will soon notice it is out of place but at least in the meantime a few people will be forced to put their hand on it and once you have a book in hand, especially one with a beautiful cover, it’s hard not to at least glance at the blurb on the back.

Am I the only one here who has done things like this?  Have you ever “fixed” a bookshelf at a bookstore to ‘help’ a favorite book?

  1. That’s a new one on me. I have tidied up a bookstore shelf when the volumes seemed as if they were in danger of falling (or worse). I’ve certainly picked up unfortunate books from store floors on occasion. But it’s been because of my general conditioning to revere books themselves, not to promote any particular authors.

    I think that proves you are a book blogger to the absolute core, and worthy of many ARCs in the coming year.

  2. I’m with you, Julie. I definitely have been known to “fix” shelves and bring my favorites to the foreground. 🙂

  3. I guess I’m amazed that there are people who DON’T do this! 😀

  4. Haha, no, but I do it every time at the library

  5. Erica Pillera says:

    Thank heavens its not only me

  6. O that sucks, that books just disappear from your computer. Importing them into Calibre and converting them doesn’t “safe” them? But I do get the buying the paperback when you have read the ebook before.

    It has been years since I bought a book in a real bookstore, and I can’t remember I ever did it when I still read Dutch. I do have the habit when I see someone checking out a book I know, to tell her: it is amazing, buy it!

  7. Oh, yes. I often “face out” ones I love and neatly spine-out others on the shelf (so as not to cover those). Or I have been known to move a few copies to a display table if there is an empty space. I guess I can also confess I have flipped over or covered up Rush Limbaugh/Glen Beck…

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