Aug 19, 2010

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My Life’s Quirks – Signs I Should Place Around My House

You know what I mean.  There are only so many times you can say something without wanting to make a sign and hang it around your neck — or around your house.  Here are the signs I should place around my house:

And because not all of the signs need to be serious…

But I think the MOST important sign would be…

What signs would I find around your house?
Signs I should place around my house.  Just another one of my life’s quirks.

  1. The frisbee turtle one had me in hysterics this morning. Was the poor thing actually the victim of a frisbee game at the hands of some kids? Hahaha! I love your Thursday posts!!! They always make me smile. This one is great. You should definitely leave those signs up for a bit.


    Are you sure we are not related? 😉

  3. LMAO! Poor turtle…

    My sign would read, ‘When I put this book down then you can address your concerns with me.’

  4. I’m not a fan of the last sign. Put the book down! LOL Poor Stanley… or whatever his name is.

    Hey I think I got 50 points collected so far when I visit your house. LOL

  5. Katya – Make sure you have a sign that tells Paulo “the diapers are here”!

    Mandi – If your signs are the same, maybe our husbands are related?! lol

    Jen D. – I like your sign. Now if only my kids were old enough to read… (I don’t know what my hubby’s excuse is) 😉

  6. BigSmooth — Only 50 points?! You need to come over more often! lol And don’t feel sorry for Stanley…don’t ever feel sorry for Stanley.

  7. OMG… This is hilarious! **Bows down**

  8. Oh gosh, the turtle one!!! LOL.

  9. Cecile – Thank you. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is giggling. 🙂

    FV – Don’t worry…Flowers the turtle is not hurt. Maybe a little traumatized, but not hurt. 😉

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