Dec 23, 2013

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Question – What Are Some Of Your Favorite Holiday Reads?

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This is a Question that I don’t really have an answer to.  I have read some cute Christmas-time based stories by Shannon Stacey that I have enjoyed but I can’t say I have a Christmas read that I really love.

Do you?  What are some of your favorite Christmas reads?


  1. I read Santa Baby by Alesia Holliday every year.

  2. I rarely reread anything so I can’t say that I have any “favorite” holiday reads. It seems like every year, there is a new crop to choose from. This year I’ve read Sarah Morgan’s Sleigh Bells in the Snow (loved it), Tamara Morgan’s In The Clear (loved this one also), A Christmas to Remember Anthology, Holiday For Two Duet (I really enjoyed this one and one of the stories had a virgin hero – my absolute biggest weakness), A Very Scandalous Holiday anthology, Twelve Days by Teresa Hill, Daniel and the Angel by Jill Barnett (very sweet), and still to come, Heating Up the Holidays Loveswept anthology, and Gifts of Honor anthology from Carina Press. Whew, that’s a lot of holiday stories.

  3. Bonnie – I’ve heard of that one, and from what I hear, great choice!

    Jen – That IS a lot lol. I may have to check out the ones you say you loved 🙂

  4. I don’t really re-read books because they are Christmas books, and so far, I have not in the mood to try one this year. If I really have to pick one to reread, it would be a Christine Feehan one. The seven sisters, or Dark Celebration. Her next book will finally, finally be Skylar’s story.

  5. aurian – She is an author I really must read someday soon…

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