Aug 23, 2010

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Question – Which Author Really ‘Speaks’ to You?

…So I’m reading along one day and I realize that the book I’m reading is fine, but I’m almost looking forward to finishing it just so I can move on to a new book.  This strikes me as odd.  I don’t often feel that way – why now?  I begin to think back to the last couple of books I had read.  Did I feel the same way about them?  No.  Those books I had relished and had actually felt a little twinge of sadness when I finished the last page.  I even procrastinated closing the book, afraid to admit to myself that the story was over for now.  I brought my attention back to my current read.  What was it about this book that was different than the others?  The story was interesting.  The characters were charming.  The situations were entertaining.

I then went through my ‘must have in a book for me to enjoy it’ check list.  Humorous elements?  Check.  Romance of some sort?  Check.  Fast paced story?  Check.  Not too wordy?  Check.  Hmmm…  This was proving to be quite the pickle.  (*giggle*…pickle)  Finally, it hit me.  I just wasn’t meshing with the author.  Was it her style or the specific words she used, I can’t say.  But there just wasn’t a connection between the author and me.  That’s when I started thinking about the authors that I truly enjoy.  The authors I tend to feel a ‘connection’ to.  The authors who really ‘speak’ to me.

The first author whom I really felt a ‘literary bond’ to is Maria V. Snyder.  I instantly fell in love with her writing.  Her books are so inventive.  Her worlds complex yet inviting.  Her tone is wonderful.  Her characters are lovely.  Her style is comfortable.  Reading one of her books is like meeting with an old friend – even if I haven’t read it before.  Her books are like comfy cozy blankets to me.  I can re-read her books over and over and feel the same way every time.  There are a few other authors by now that I can add to my list of those whom I feel a connection with, but Maria was my first.

Which leads me to my question:  Who is the author that really ‘speaks’ to you?

  1. I like this question 🙂

    The first two that come to mind to me are Patricia Briggs and JR Ward. Humor, characterization, and their voice just makes their stories for me.

  2. What an excellent question. It’s been a while since I was really blown away or captivated by an author. I would love to be though. You’ve got me sold on Maria Snyder though… off to amazon!

  3. Mandi – Excellent choices! They’re on my list too. 🙂

    India – If you are going to check out Maria, try Poison Study first. You get a really good feel for her and her world in that one.

  4. Julie….great question!! I have to say Richelle Mead does it for me but I love emotional drama. I like for authors to “go there” and do what ur dreading might happen.

    But theres still sooo many i havent read….like Maria V. Snyder’s study series…i do want to read those too!!

  5. Sharon – I’ve only read her Vampire Academy stuff. I want to read her Succubus series…one day. 🙂

  6. Megan Hart. Even when the topic is something I have no experience with, she makes me feel it, and feel it HARD, like I’m right there.

  7. I agree with Patricia Briggs. I also really enjoy Rachel Caine and Kim Harrison’s writing.

  8. FV – I really need to read the Megan Hart books I have. I mean, really.

    Jen D. – I’ve never tried Rachel Caine or Kim Harrison. *adds to forever growing list of authors to check out*

  9. Claire Cardno says:

    Maria V Synder and Ilona Andrews are two authors i totally love. I know what you mean about some books just not ‘working’ for you even though they tick all the right boxes, i feel really let down when that happens though.

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