Aug 2, 2010

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Question – Is There Something Wrong With You?

Last week, I started reading Stacia Kane’s ‘Downside Ghosts’ series.  I am enjoying it, and thank goodness.  It is a ‘very popular among blogger’ series.

That got me thinking…What if I’d read a couple chapters and not liked it?  There are many, many super popular and addictive book series out there.  So far, if I read great things from my go-to bloggers and proceed to read it, I’ll love it.  Examples are the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and the Night Huntress books by Jeaniene Frost.  I read about them, picked them up and am now among the group who waits by the calender anticipating the release of the next installment.  But what if I didn’t like them?  What if, after reading the first book of the series, I really couldn’t bring myself to read another?  What if, after reading the first book, I thought my fellow bloggers were hit with the crazy stick?

Which leads me to my question:  Is there something wrong with you if you won’t or can’t jump on the bandwagon?  Did you ever come across a book or a series of books that you swear EVERYONE liked but you?

  1. Oh yeah..there are definitely series out there I don’t like that many do – The Breed series by Lara Adrian and The Magic series by Maria Snyder (which I know is a fav or yours!!) never hit with me. Now..I have only tried one or two books from those maybe I should stick with it longer?

  2. I felt that way about the Twilight series. I know, I’m sorry…don’t hate me! Though I wasn’t crazy about it, I read every page of the entire series because everyone else did. I’m weak! Overall it was fine, but it just didn’t grab me like it did other readers. I do think Jacob is super-hot though…

  3. Mandi – Snyder’s books are straight up fantasy and I know some people who are into the paranormal stuff find it hard to adjust to. And Lara Adrian eh?!…
    Mine would be Kresley Cole. I read many of her books because I thought eventually I would really love them like everyone else, but finally came to the conclusion that I should just give up. I don’t know what it was. The stories were good, the characters too…I just couldn’t get myself to care. 🙁

  4. Diana – I loved the Twilight books when I read them, but now I wonder if I were to read them again, how would I feel? And if you’re weak, then so am I. I read 5.5 Kresley Cole books before telling myself that it was okay for me to not adore them. I’m not a bad person…lol (Really, I knew after the first one)

  5. It happens.l..I’m not a Jocelyn Drake fan although her series is very popular (I forced myself to finish book 1 and DNF’d book 2) and Christine Feehan’s Carpathians are the two series that come to mind. It’s not that their bad, just not good for me.

  6. Whoops – meant to say “they’re”, not “their” 🙂

  7. For me it was the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) series by JR Ward. Read the 1st book, was so-so, but the names and the characters?! Oh no, sorry but my time is more precious than spending time reading that. And at the same time I see great blogger friends with whom I share the same reading taste and they love this series. But I can’t see myself giving the BDB series another chance..

  8. Patti – well said. It’s not that they are bad, it’s just that they are not for you.

    Stella – Wow…the BDB?! That just goes to show that there is a reason why the mega bookstores have SO many different books… It’s because there are that many needed to satisfy everyone’s tastes!

  9. LOL…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you (or me for that matter) if you can’t get into a series. I’ve read a ton of great things about Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series but, I’ve never been inspired to pick it up. Hopefully, that doesn’t make me a target for stoning.

    I feel the same about the Twilight books. I hadn’t read for a really long time and Twilight got me back into the swing of things. But I’ve read so many other amazing books that I’d probably roll my eyes during the entire Twilight saga re-read.

  10. Jen – I have Rachel Vincent’s series in my book closet….I’ll keep my fingers crossed. And I don’t think you have to worry about stoning…lol

  11. I’m with you on Kresley Cole. I tried the first book in her series and just didn’t like her writing style. I was going to try another, but then I read a novella by her and once again, her writing just grated on me, so I crossed her off my list. Isn’t it great to have so many books and authors to choose from though?

  12. JenM – It is great that there are so many books. Although it also makes it a little overwhelming. And daunting since you know, even though you really want to, you’ll never be able to read everything you want. 🙂

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