Jan 27, 2014

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Question – Are You A “I Read A Few Great Reviews So I’m Buying This Book NOW!!” Book Buyer?

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A while back I reviewed the book Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett.  It was an awesome book and my review reflected that.  Many of the comments left by you guys were along the line of:  “I need this book, I will buy this book now and I will read it now!!!”

That is where this week’s Question comes from.

Once upon a time, I would definitely be someone who read a few very good reviews written by some of my favorite bloggers and immediately head on over to Chapters to buy it.  And I amassed quite the collection of books that way.  Now that I blog and have two children in school, I don’t have the same time I used to to read so I don’t find myself actually spontaneously buying books anymore.  I now have a loooooog want-list and if I have an opening in my reading schedule, I’ll either look at my overly stuffed book closet or I’ll look at my loooong want-list and pick up a book from there.  Does this mean I will never pick up a book the day it releases because I read a few positive reviews?  Heck no.  I am a reader afterall.  But it means that I don’t do it often because life has gotten in the way of that.

So what about you guys?  Are you a “I read a few great reviews so I’m buying this book NOW!!” book buyer?

  1. I used to be as well, but I can’t really afford it now. I keep a private wishlist on Amazon, though, and when a few trusted reviewers rave about a book that’s by a new to me author, I’ll put that book on the wishlist. When I have gift cards I go and pick a book off that list.

  2. Used to be but now that I am on a book budget I am a “wishlister” 🙂

  3. At once..no. I keep my eye on the book and then it might go on my wishlist

  4. Northwoman says:

    I have a whole different strategy. I see a review I like and I immediately get on the list at the library or borrow the book from a friend.

    Then if it is a 5 star favorite for me – I buy it. I tend to buy Kindle then so I can have it with me everywhere to read anytime. (Yeah I go nowhere with out my Kindle or iphone, ever) . I do love print books and still get some, but my 19 bookcases are already overflowing.

  5. I have a bookmarking function on my browser and use one tab to keep the Amazon listings of books I’m considering. (Hundred of books. ) When an admired reviewer recommends a book in one of my genres, I add the book’s order page to that bookmark tab. When several people praise the book, I may move it up on the tabbed list. This way, when I read about a price deal, I can see if the book or author is on my list, and snap it up.

    Very seldom do I rush to purchase a book on the strength of a single review. That only happens when one of my favorite authors finally releases another book in a series I’ve loved. Most of those I actually pre-order, to be honest.

    Although lately the phenomenon of rapid price reductions within weeks of a book’s release has made me a little gun shy. If I can hold out, I wait awhile just so I don’t regret the succumbing for the instant gratification.

  6. You raise a great question and I think you and I are in a similar position. I have a pile of book towers and I have a ton of ebooks just waiting for me to read. A while ago (in Nov & Dec) I decided to put myself on a book diet and forced myself to read at least 10 books from my already purchased book stacks. It was great to actually read those.
    I find myself now being even picky on freebie books. I ALWAYS head to the reviews first and even on a free book, if I don’t like what the reviews say, I pass it up.

  7. Rebe – Gift cards are the BEST!

    Felicia – Book budgets are, not as much fun, but quite necessary lol.

    blodeuedd – You’re smart about it then 🙂

    Northwoman – I have to see a photo of your bookshelves one day Anne!

    Mzcue – LOVE your bookmarking system! So smart!

    Michelle – Reading 10 books before getting a new one. That’s tough but very smart 🙂

  8. I definitely used to do that, but I’ve started auto-buying so many series that I love that I can’t afford to do it anymore.

    I also used to buy an entire series right away because I used to feel a serious NEED to read an entire series. Now I’ll only buy the first book and if I love it, then I’ll buy the rest. For example – you’ve always exclaimed about Amanda Carlson’s Jessica McClain series, so I finally bought the first book and now that I’m in the middle of it and am really enjoying it, I’ll probably buy the rest. 🙂 Thanks, btw!

  9. Oh, and all the others I might want to read someday go on a list in my phone. That way I never forget what once sounded interesting.

  10. If it sounds really good I just get the sample and read that if it doesnt capture me then Ive spent nothing, and only wasted a little of my reading time.

    Ive lost count of the number of times have I seen extra great reviews and they end up being stories that are just not for me.

  11. that’s a great question. Well it’s quite the same for me even if not for the same reasons. I used to buy all the books with a lot of wonderful reviews from friends because I knew I would love them. But now I have too many books, and I have some by publishers, French and English. And as I can choose each month for the French one I always have a lot of books per months. So if I also buy books it’s difficult. I only buy the ones I really really want to read. And the others are in my wishlist and I buy some from time to time or it’s for birthday and Christmas. Because at the end even the books I ordered are still in my TBR pile… it’s sad. I need more time to read like everyone I think lol.

  12. Yes I used to do that, but I have been burned a few times, when I really did not like the book. I now autobuy all the authors/series I am already reading, and only rarely go for a new author. I just don’t have the time with all the authors I already love. (Which is of course also one of the reasons most of my reviews get high grades).
    I do buy a lot of books secondhand, and when I like the first book, I will buy the rest of the series immediately, unless the price is just too much. Which is strangely often the case with one of the middle books, a few euro’s more than the rest.

  13. I’m a bit too frugal to run out and buy a book right off the cuff. I try to only buy books after I’ve read all the ones I currently own.

    Now, confession time… I am actually behind on my reading right now. Which is downright shameful. I had a bunch of books that came out at the end of last year that I just haven’t been in the mood to read. Mostly because they are final books in a series, and I feel I need to re-read to original books in order to properly appreciate the last one. So yes, I am failing to live up to my own ideals of frugality right now.

    But normally, I buy what I want to read when it’s time to read it. And I determine when it’s time to read it by looking at the reviews of bloggers I trust, and always ALWAYS reading the sample chapters. If they don’t grab me, I put serious consideration into whether or not I want to read the book. If the main character manages to seriously annoy me in those few sample pages, I most assuredly will not pick up the book.

    It’s odd, but I feel vaguely guilty and kind of pressured if I have to many books building up. It’s like the chores that I put off doing. They are always in the back of my mind, yammering at me for attention, and it takes an act of will to ignore them. And that act comes with a heaping share of guilt. Probably silly, but I’m weird like that.

  14. I’ll look at how many stars/books certain people rate a book, as a benchmark, but I try not to read actual reviews until I’ve read the book myself.

    I’ve found reading reviews affects how I feel about the book while I’m reading it more than I’d like… positively and negatively.

  15. If more than two people whose taste I trust to be similar to mine are in-love with a book I automatically buy it if it’s already out. With ARCs I often forget once I add them to my wish list. And that makes me wonder if they would be better off posting the review on the day of its release. I’m impulse buyer, but if goes on a list it might be a while before I buy it, and often times I forget to buy it altogether until I see the audio.

  16. Lizzie – List on the phone! Brilliant!

    Erica – Reading excerpts first is a fabulous idea. Because even if you usually agree with a reviewer it doesn’t mean you will all the time. Great suggestion!

    melliane – Yes, more time to read…

    aurian – I am there too. Not much time for new authors, which is not good because there are so many great news ones out there!

    Jessica – Books should not make you feel guilty…but I know what you mean. That is why I am glad my book closet has a door on it. Otherwise all the unread books in there would totally be calling my name every time I walk past it lol

    Iain – Smart. I know I should not read other reviews either but I just can’t help myself lol

    Lupdilup – That is a good point about ARC reviews!

  17. It has to be someone I trust before I automatically buy it. I’m in the middle of so many series right now, that just keeping up with them can be a daunting task. If I am looking for something new, I usually will head to Goodreads and search the bookshelves of my friends or go through some of their blogs to try to find something that I’m looking for.

    I will say that Written in Red got me hooked too, but then I think I had four different people tell me it was a MUST read.

    I agree with Lupdilup on the ARCs. I saw one at one time that I tried to even preorder and couldn’t. How is that helpful to sales?

  18. I’m a read a few reviews, obsess over the book cover wait for a sale kinda buyer. If the cover looks good and the reviews are from other readers who typically share the same taste as me, I’ll buy the book.

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