Feb 3, 2014

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Question – Do You Dread Or Look Forward To Reaching The End Of A Book You Are Loving?

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Here is the situation:  You started reading a book.  It can either be one you were really looking forward to or a pleasant surprise you just happened to pick up on a whim at the book store.  Now, you are reaching the 89% mark and you can’t seem too put the book down.  If you could, you would marry it, it’s that good.  But now that you are close to finishing the book, are you looking forward to seeing how it ends or are you dreading finishing this amazing read?

For me, I tend to look forward to getting to the end to see how the author decided to wrap things up.  Most of the time, with the books that I read anyways, there will either be a happy ending or a “OMG I must track down the author to find out what happens next” ending.  And I look forward to that feeling.  That warm and fuzzy feeling or, yes, even that stressed out of my tree feeling.  I will most likely feel a little sad after finishing the book and I will definitely hope my next read holds up to the one I just finished but my first feeling is to get to the end to see if I loved the whole book and not just parts of it.

How about you guys?  Do you dread or look forward to reaching the end of a book you are loving?

  1. Northwoman says:

    I think this depends slightly on genre. With romance, I look forward to the ending of an HEA with things worked out. Also with romantic suspense, or mystery or crime, things where there is a mystery or puzzle, I want to know the ending. It’s a little different in UF or PNR, where the romances if any go on through multiple books, as do the battles.

    Really, I find the I don’t want it to end as being more happening with a favorite author – say Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs, where every bit is SO good and you know the next book is probably a year away. That’s when I savor it and don’t want it to end.

  2. Both and often about the same book. I want to know but I don’t want it to end LOL

  3. Both I think..yes both. Or it depends, some I just want the end of, some I dread. Aye it is complicated

  4. I’d say I look forward to the end 99% of the time. 🙂 Perhaps not so much in a George RR Martin book, because I’m dreading finding out who he killed that book. But for most books, I desperately want answers, and want to know what’s going to happen to my favorite characters. I am invested 100%, and the end of the book is a thrill for so many reasons. I get some closure(hopefully), some answers, and I can stop obsessing and function in RL again. 😉

    Now if you were to ask me if I look forward to or dread the second book in a series I loved, I’d have a very different answer. So many times book 2 ends up being so much weaker than the first book.

  5. Unfortunately I find myself racing to the end of most books these days. I started reading genre fiction only in the last several years, and I’m afraid that it’s made me a pedal-to-the-metal kind of reader. I can’t bring myself to trust that there will be a happy ending. (It feels as if I have to hurry to ensure the characters’ distress will be resolved. Crazy, right!) However, I do reread many of the books I soared through, going slower the second time.

    OTOH, when a book is the last one in a favorite series, I dread the ending. Sometimes I won’t even buy the book so that the story remains open in my mind. Such games we readers play!

  6. Lately I’ve been finding that I dread getting to the end of a good book. But usually it’s because it’s either the last in a series that I don’t want to end or because I know the next book in the series isn’t out for a really long time and I don’t want to be done yet! My most recent example of that is J.C. Daniel’s Kit Colbana series. I absolutely love it, but she writes so many books in other series and under another name that it’s usually a year between releases. UGH!

    Totally agree with Mzcue about the games we play with ourselves – I still haven’t read Up From the Grave, even though I LOVE those books, because I don’t want the series to end.

  7. Definately a bit of both, you really want to know whats going to happen and your pretty glad you dont have to wait another year for another installment, but on the other hand if you love the series its like saying goodbye to your best friend forever, a tiny death.

    Characters become a part of your imagination and they feel real to you in that moment, to let them go can be sad.

    Also sometimes you get a little anxious/excited as to how they are going to end the series will it be left with a bunch of questions unananswered or will it be well rounded and complete (Yeah this is rare).

    I agree with most of the above

  8. O yes, I can’t wait for the new book to arrive, and when I do have it, I don’t want to start reading it, because then I will have to wait another whole year. Or if it is so very good, I don’t want it to end and find myself procrastinating on the internet instead of continue reading. Of course I will finish it and sigh but I do dread the end. I could read hundreds pages more from some books.

  9. Northwoman – Good point about the genre. I also want to finish contemporary romances quicker to get to that HEA 🙂

    Felicia – Makes sense actually lol

    blodeuedd – lol

    Jessica – Ooo, the second book. That is a great point. And a great question 😉

    Mzcue – I do that too – feel like if I read faster the characters will thank me for it because they will get over what it is they are going through lol

    Lizzie – That makes sense. If you know you will have to wait a long while for the next book, getting to the end isn’t as much fun 🙂

    Erica –

    Characters become a part of your imagination and they feel real to you in that moment, to let them go can be sad.

    Very well said.

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