Feb 5, 2014

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Silly Stuff – Would You Want To Be A Man?

sillystuffThe other day, I’m in the kitchen and Jason walks in to get something to drink. Suddenly, he looks at me and asks: “If you could be a man for one day, would you?” Before he even finished asking, I said “no”.

Then I thought “what an odd question” but quickly brushed it off as it came from Jason and that sort of question isn’t really out of his element…

After that, I found that maybe it would make an interesting Silly Stuff post – because really, wondering if you would want to spend one day as a member of the opposite sex is silly.

I have no desire or curiosity to see what it’s like to be a man.  None.  Jason, of course, said he would jump on the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a woman.  When I asked if it was because he could fondle his breasts all day long, he forced an insulted look and told me ‘of course not’.  But then he quickly added that he would have to make sure that he did have a few hours reserved for ‘exploration’.  *sigh*  Pig.

So, a silly question for this week’s Silly Stuff.  If you had the opportunity to spend 24 hours as a member of the opposite sex, would you do it?

  1. When I first saw your headline, I jumped to the conclusion that you were asking whether female readers would want to be men instead, and I was thinking that no, I probably wouldn’t. But when I saw that you were asking about a single day? Yeah, sure! Why not? It might answer a lot of life’s imponderable questions, don’t you think? Of course, it would have to be with the stipulation that I’d remember everything…couldn’t be one of those dream deals, where most of the details fade upon waking.

    Plus, I wonder what how my hubby would react. Would he find it a relief, being able to say, “See, I told you, you just don’t notice things like open drawers and stray socks.” I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be okay with a long-term change, but he might find a tourist-type excursion on my part quite validating.

  2. Sure! and I like my husband to be a woman for a day. I mean, he doesn’t even own a hairdryer! has just the right hair to wash and wear…. let him step into my shoes with the prep expexted of women…and I’ll step into his shoes and be ready to head out the door in 5.

  3. First off, no I would not like to be a man for one day. But, if I had to, the very first thing I would do is try peeing standing up and see if it really is THAT hard to aim. I am a firm believer that poor aim is due to pure laziness.

  4. I’m an insatiably curious person, so I’d absolutely enjoying being a man for a day. I think it would give me an increased understanding and empathy for what makes those wacky guys act the way they do. And it would be interesting to see how different social interactions are as a man.

  5. Not at all. I’m very happy being a woman :).

  6. I think I’d give it a try for a day. Why not? I’m sure it’d be a great learning experience!

  7. Oh I would LOVE to! There are so many things I would want to experience since I’m curious as to how men live/experience certain things. So yep, definitely sign me up, want to see what it is to be a man 😉

  8. Northwoman says:

    Absolutely yes! For one day. I’d love the experience. But I’m happy to be a woman full-time.

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