Mar 3, 2014

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Question – Were You a Reluctant eReader Reader?

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I have been quite sick lately. I have strep throat – again – and I also have a virus that is causing horribly painful mouth ulcers in my throat and on the inside of my lips. I look like Angelina Jolie. No, scratch that. My lips are puffier than hers…and not in a sexy way. They are puffy in a ‘you look like you got slugged in the mouth with a baseball bat’ way. It’s not fun, but it is getting better. Very slowly, but it is. I just have to keep telling myself that…

Because of this, I have not been as on top of my posts as usual. A perfect example of this is how there was no post last Thursday. There was not even a post telling you there would be no post. I was just that energy-less. So, seeing that I am still not 100%, I thought this would be a good week to ‘revisit’ an oldie-but-goodie Question. This one comes from December 5th 2011. I have the original post below and on the bottom of that, I have updated my feelings towards eReaders.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this. 🙂

I love books. Now you’re probably scratching your head and thinking “Yeah Julie. We know . Duh.” But what I mean I that I love print books. There was a time when the idea of an eBook was almost too much for me to wrap my mind around. Really though, where are the pages? Where is that book smell? Where is the comfort that comes from holding a book in your hands? Where is that feeling that you get when you first open a new book and hear that little ‘crack’ sound from the spine? I’ll tell you where: not in an eReader.

Then one day, I saw a book being reviewed in blogland and everyone loved it. So, of course like the good little book addict that I am, I needed to have it. Well, it was only available in eBook format. “Gasp and Grrr” is what I said. Not long after that, I discovered NetGalley.

I have trouble reading on my computer for a long time in one sitting. I get eye-aches. The third book in one of my auto-buy author’s series – the last book in the series – was available on NetGalley. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I wanted it it. Now. So I invested in an eReader. Reading on an eReader wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be. So after reading the NetGalley book, I picked up the eBook everyone was ranting and raving about. It was good. Very good.

Now I read on my eReader once in a while. If a book isn’t available in print, I’ll read it on my Kobo and not think twice. I like how it’s slim and light. I still prefer print books because I really do like the feel of the book in my hands, and I like how I can just open it and read right away even if I only have 3 minutes to sneak in a page or two. But I do see how eReading isn’t the devil. Besides, there are SO many ePublishers out there and some of the books they release are just awesome and I would have missed so many great titles if I had decided to keep being a bit of a snob towards eBooks.

*update*  When this post was written, eReaders didn’t come with built-in lights yet.  When I got my Kobo Glo, my opinion of eReaders was raised to a new level.  I always had a little book light because apparently, I need a lot of light to read.  But even the smallest one is clunky and a little annoying on a mass marker paperback.  But there is no such problem when you are reading with a light INSIDE your eReader!  I still love the feel of books but now that publishers are going more and more eARCS, I honestly don’t mind so much because I have a snazzy light on my eReader and makes me love it.  I have even purchased books for my eReaders instead of the print copies for my book closet!  BUT, if it’s a book I adore and want it on my keeper shelf,  I will purchase the print version.  So I’ve come around…but print is still my first love.  They just look so pretty on my shelf!

So that’s my story about eReaders. What about you? Were you a reluctant eReader reader like me or did you love the idea from the moment it was introduced?

  1. Oh yes! I was so sure that I would hate ebooks that I didn’t even bother with them. Didn’t care to try out anyone’s Kindle for more than a page.

    Then I started reading stories online on my laptop. As some of the authors I was following had books published in digital format, I bit the bullet and downloaded a couple, reading them on my PC. And that’s how I became hooked.

    I still prefer Kindle for PC. (For Windows 7, not Windows 8, because the latest version is inferior.) I LOVE being able to search for things online while I’m reading—the identities of singers or sports figures referred to in stories, or pictures of period costumes in a historical romance. I also delight in being able to do searches within the books I’m reading—I often forget minor characters’ names by the time I’ve reached the middle of a story, so I enjoy being able to do a quick search to find out when they were introduced.

    So now the only time I read print books is when I can’t get a digital version. It actually takes me a few chapters to adjust. I’ll try not to be such a foot dragger when it comes to innovative tech in the future.

    PS: So sorry about your oral difficulties. I get strep at the drop of a hat, Scarlet Fever twice! My mom used to give me apricot nectar to soothe things. With mouth ulcers, I use a salt water rinse—yeah, it hurts, but I like to think it hurts the nasty microbes worse. Seems to speed up healing, too.

  2. I am similar to you, there are a lot of great books out there that are only released in digital format, because of that I now have the Kindle app on my iPhone and I use it on occasion. I still prefer printed books and read them about 90% of the time. eReaders are great in some situations, but paper copies are still my go-to. 😀

  3. Jessica says:

    Ack! I am sorry you aren’t feeling well, Julie! 🙁

    I was very reluctant to convert to an e-reader, for all of the reasons you mentioned Julie. I love the weight of a book in my hand. I love the feeling of the paper between my fingers as I reverently turned the pages. I loved the smell most of all. Every new book I purchased, I’d deferentially open for the first time and just breathe it in. However, about three years ago I started to get a sense that publishing was trending towards e-books so I decided to buy a Kindle to just “try it out.” I had no intention of replacing my physical books, I just wanted to have the option of a e-reader. Little did I know, my e-reader would take over my life. Ha. After a few years, I read almost exclusively on my kindle. I can’t remember the last time I cracked a physical book. It makes me kind of sad sometimes, because I do miss the ritual of reading paper books, but e-readers just make everything so much easier. Here are a few of the things I love:

    1. Instant gratification. Being able to finish one book in a series, and instantly have the next book in hand moments later. No matter where I was! I could be sitting on the beach, purchase a new book, and have it available for reading instantly. No more waiting on shipping or driving all over town to pick up books for remote bookstores.

    2. My library at my fingertips. This is somewhat tied into instant gratification, but there is something to be said for having every book I’ve read for the last few years right there at my fingertips. Whether I’m on a plane, or traveling, or just sitting at my house, I can open a book and start reading at a moments notice.

    3. Font sizes adjustment! This may seem small, but I love that I can increase my font size for when I’m reading on my elliptical, or for those days when my eyes are tired.

    4. Portability. I have my kindle in my purse with me wherever I go. I read in the grocery store checkout line, while the baristas are making my coffee at Starbucks, and any other place that requires I have to wait for something. It’s fantastic. I’d never have shoved a paperback in my purse for fear of bending the cover or pages.

    I’ll never stop loving physical books, or buying them for that matter. I still want to have a library I can be proud of, but the convenience and portability of e-readers have made them indispensable for me, and my Kindle will undoubtedly continue to be my primary medium for acquiring and reading new books.

  4. Reluctant and still am. Sierra Dean I read in eform, but everything else I want in print. Sure I do read other ebooks too but…print is pretty!

  5. Yeah took me ages and when I did get it I was still a little aprehensive.

    I do like reading on it for convenience like short novellas and books by new authours Im not sure about and I love that you can read a sample before you buy. I also like the dictionary function and making the font bigger or smaller.And portability of ereader is alot lighter than a paperback, and a lot cheaper in the long run.

    However I still think a paperback or hardback is definately far superior and will still purchase for authours I love and will love in the future. I think they are set out a lot better conversations are easier to follow, and the overall experience is more enjoyable. I dont have to charge it.

    I think this will be an ongoing issue for many years.

  6. Northwoman says:

    I had to make the switch for traveling, the portability. I couldn’t take the boxes of books on the Harley the way I can in the car. And now the library loans ebooks too. So I love it. All the reasons Jessica stated above. I still enjoy a print book but I am comfortable with ebooks now. And the new stuff I buy in ebook, so I can always have it with me.

  7. I confess I was reluctant and I’m still like that. I didn’t even buy one, I’m reading on the computer. I always think that at the end it’s the same thing.

  8. I was on board with getting an ereader. My first was the gen one Nook (the one pictured above). I loved the e-ink, it was like reading a print book.

    What I wasn’t sure about was when my hubby got me a NookColor. I read computer screen all day at work and I didn’t want to read on a similar screen when I got home. But I get it a try and now I really like it. I’m sure it’s not good for my eyes to read all the time at work and then at home but oh well.

  9. I was hesitant at first. I had preferred print books and couldn’t imagine reading ebooks. Then I got my first Kindle and that all changed. I now prefer ebooks over print and about 98% of what I read is digital. It’s just way more convenient to read ebooks. Highlighting, notes, searching are the main reasons I prefer reading ebooks. Makes writing reviews so much easier.

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