Jul 28, 2010

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Silly Stuff

I’ve heard about a funny website from a few people but I’d never checked it out until last week.  After looking through some of the photos, Awkward Family Photos became my inspiration for this weeks Silly Stuff.  Enjoy and giggle away…

Wow…I bet they are still giving whoever had this idea the silent treatment.

Whoa mother!

This photographer has such vision!  “Let’s make all the little children resemble suckling piglets”.  Yes, great idea…really.

…and this lady agreed to this picture?!  Think of the baby!

You can tell by this guy’s face that this, taking this photo with his beloved and his darling kitties, was the most important and exciting moment of his life.  Okay…maybe not.

What to say?!…what to say?!…

  1. ROFLMFAO! Wow…just…wow. Thanks for heads up on this site. I think my favorite is the mom in the hooker santa outfit. Priceless.

  2. LMAO!!!! whats the website? these are priceless!!

  3. OH MY GOD THE LAST ONE. It made water go up my nose in shock. I could not stop STARING. I’m traumatised!!!

    Amazinggg website that I’m going to save for those rainy boring days at work.

    Thx Doodie!

  4. Jen – I laugh at the mom one too because for a quick moment, I picture my mom there…lol

    Sharon – the site is actually called ‘Awkward Family Photos’. I link to it in today’s intro.

    Katya – the last one…traumatized me too a little 🙂

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