Mar 12, 2014

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Silly Stuff – These Books Actually Exist

My cousin shared this on Facebook and I found it perfectly appropriate for the blog.  I have seen some of these before but they still make me giggle.  Amazing what people will write and amazing that publishers publish them and readers read them lol.

Read on to see what I mean…


LOL Nice!


I’ve posted this one before.  Still funny.








I find this one quite clever 😉

There are plenty more to see.  You can check them out here.




  1. LMAO! The last one is very clever. The Jewish one is just craziness…that is a lot of action in one book and it’s just out there to say the least! Love the one about the adolescent girls…do you think Jera would be offended if we had that on our bookshelf during her teen years?! 😛 😉

  2. LOL, I’m sure I would be impresby reading them.

  3. Lol too funny Julie, people actually write stuff like that, and other people pay for it. Really? that Lion book?

  4. I wish I had some of those to use them as coffee table books. LOL

  5. Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very imtntpaor.

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