Mar 17, 2014

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Question – Do You Ever Forget?

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I read a lot of books but not nearly as many as some of you.  That makes me wonder if you are all in the same boat as me when it comes to this…

I have been reading regularly as a hobby since 2009 and, according to my Goodreads page, I have read 588 books. When I look at my list of read books, I am amazed by how many I don’t remember reading.  At all.  Then there are those I do remember reading but can’t seem to remember many details about.  Then there are my favorite books.  I like to look at them and smile s they give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but when I re-read them, there are so many things I don’t remember in those neither!  And they’re my favorites!

I think this is because I am a character driven reader and an emotional reader (to an extent).  I remember the people I read about and I remember how the book – or scenes from a book – made me feel, and sometimes, it seems, that’s it.  I wonder, though, if it would be the same way if I read less.  If I only read 6 books in a year, would I still be wondering when I really read a certain book I have on my list or would I still be trying to remember specific details about one of my ‘favorite’ books.

What do you think?  Do you ever forget reading a book or details about a book you are supposed to have loved?

  1. What was the question? Yep, that’s my memory at work. I think I could play Dory’s sister in the next Nemo’s movie without a problem.
    I guess that answers your question. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah Julie! I have this problem. I remember reading the books, but that doesn’t mean I remember what I read. LOL. I’m not sure if that makes sense. I can remember if I liked the book or not, but I can’t always tell you the reason I didn’t like it or the reason I really liked it. This is a question that I’ve been wanting to ask people. For instance, I was getting ready to read the 3rd, and final, book of a series and I can’t remember what really happened in the other two books to save my life. I went back and read through my reviews (which raved about how much I loved them), but I still can’t remember the details. 🙁 It happens to me, and I don’t read as many books as you do! So you are definitely not alone, and it makes me feel better that I’m not alone as well. (BTW, I’m going to have to read book 1 & 2 from that series before diving into book 3 because I want to get the full picture of the entire series…blah to my memory!)

  3. For me it depends on how quickly I’m reading the book. If I read at my normal pace, I’ll remember the highlights of the story, the characters, and most major plot points with some clarity years later. I tested this by going back to books I read in high school, and confirming I remembered the plot. Where I struggle is books I devour in one sitting. If the book is really really amazing, or part of a series I love, and I sit down and do nothing but binge read, I remember less. I’m assuming because I probably read at least half the book while sleep deprived late at night. lol

    Strangely enough, I even remember character’s names in books, but I’m lucky to remember the name of someone I met in RL five seconds after meeting them. I wonder what that says about me? 🙂

  4. I always forget details and I re-read all the time! I read a ton and have since I was in middle school. There is no way I can keep all of that, plus regular life stuff, in my brain. And I will never remember exactly what books I already have – especially all my paper books. Thankfully, now that I have a kindle, amazon keeps track of that for me and reminds me that I’ve already purchased something if I try to buy it a second time! 🙂
    And I have to concur with practically everything Jessica and Deanna say above about remembering, so I won’t repeat it.

  5. ah yes I always forget about my books, but well I always forget about everything, it’s for that it’s interesting to have a blog because it helps me a little bit…

  6. O yes of course you forget things Julie, but that is what makes re-reading so much fun. You know you are in for a good read, and discovering new details, or re-discovering it is fun. I have read Written in Red 8 times in one year now, and yes I know it mostly by heart and it is still amazing.
    And sometimes if you take the time to think about a book, you start remembering more and more details. You really, really cannot remember everything you read, you would go nuts with all those characters moving around in your head.

  7. Hell yes…always 😉 Honestly nothing more to add, I forget a lot of stuff

  8. Bookaholic Cat – LMAO! Love it!

    Deanne – I feel I need to re-read previous books in a series before cracking open the latest one but I just don’t have time! I just cross my fingers and hope that the author does a good job at re-stating the important happenings from the past books lol

    Jessica – Yes! I’m the same way – if I sail through a book I don’t remember as much. Good point! And too funny about remembering names. You’re right though. Amazing what we remember from books that we don’t remember in real life lol.

    Lizzie Dee – I didn’t know that Amazon had that feature. That is very handy! 🙂

    melliane – I had not thought about that but I suppose taking the time to write a review and talk about the book a bit more thanks to the blog probably helps me remember a bit more than if I didn’t have a blog. Makes sense. 🙂

    aurian – I’m always amazed by how many things I find out during a re-read! All the details! Makes me love a book all over again…most of the time 😉

    blodeuedd – At least I’m not alone 🙂

  9. SilkeISD says:

    All the time!
    I like to think forgetting the details or even the plotline of a book has its perks, you know. When you re-read those books, you’re not remembering, you’re reliving it again. It’s like a cycle of enjoyment. Or something.
    Plus, when you read about immortal characters, they often can’t remember certain parts of their life and it all just runs together, right? It’s kind of the same thing, I think. All those books are ‘lives’ we’ve led, and it’s quite impossible to remember everything about every life. God, I can’t even remember certain parts and specifics about my actual life. :p

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