Mar 24, 2014

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Question – Have You Started Looking At Things Differently Since Reading Romance?

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So we’re driving into Ottawa one day on our way to Jason’s parents’ house when I see a sign on a tall office-type building.  I don’t know why I never noticed it before but that day, I saw it for the first time.  The sign read “MMM Group”.  Immediately, I smiled and snorted a little.  Then I started imagining how that scenario would be written in an erotic book…and stopped paying attention to anything else.  (No, I was not the one driving so my daydreaming was all good ;))

The reason I am sharing this story is to show that if I had not been a romance book reader, I would have looked at that sign and thought “hmm, is that new?”.  But no.  Instead I think “MMM = male male male romance…and lots of sex!” *giggles*  (MMM Group is a consulting firm, in case you were curious.)

I know the same thing has happened to me while at the grocery store when I saw a can of peaches shortly after reading JR Ward’s Dark Lover and at other times when seeing different items at a store.  Can’t remember many of them now, of course as I’m writing this and really should be remembering *mumble grumble*, yet I am very much aware that this phenomenon – seeing a sign or a product or a color or whatever and it making me think sex – would be happening if I didn’t read romance books.  So for me yes, my view of things has changed since I started reading romance.

What about you?  Have you started looking at things differently since reading romance books?

  1. My mind is a much dirtier and more interesting place since I started reading romance. It heads straight into the gutter much more often.

  2. Yes, yes, yes and YES! LOL. I agree with Mary that my mind is much dirtier than it was before I read romance novels. I feel like a man sometimes with how fast it heads straight for the gutter. LOL. I also look at things differently, like you said, anywhere from something being mentioned on the news to something I see in a store. Thank you romance to making me more open and dirty minded. 😛 😉

  3. My mind has always be dirty. LOL

    But I will say that the dirty parts in the books make real life seem very vanilla. LOL

  4. I totally look at things differently! And have added a lot of knowledge and words and terms to my already too full brain! In fact, I randomly had a conversation about Dominance/submission and open marriages vs. swinging vs. poly with my boss today! I would never have been able to bust that out without reading romance!

  5. Mary – 🙂

    Deanna – You feel like a man sometimes! That’s too funny lol.

    Jennifer – I agree with you there. But I sometimes wonder if my vanilla life is not better than theirs lol

    Lizzie Dee – Sounds like you work in a very interesting environment 😉

  6. This question reminds me of a quote by Neil Gaiman: “Growing up, I took so many cues from books. They taught me most of what I knew about what people did, about how to behave. They were my teachers and my advisors.” For me, the answer to your question, Julie, is a resounding yes. My world view is constantly altered by what I’m reading, whether it be romance novels, fantasy, science fiction, or any other genre. Romance novels have changed the way I look at sex, and in some ways encouraged me to be more…err… adventurous. 😉 On the downside, they’ve also at times made me look at my partner and wonder why he couldn’t be a little more like . I actually used “HEA” in open conversation only to be met by blank stares. Reading dystopian books encouraged me to ponder how our world might go to shit. They’ve also made me feel more equipped to survive a variety of hypothetical apocalypses. I’ve tried taking up archery thanks to fantasy novels. I tried a vodka gimlet after reading Richelle Meade’s Succubus series, and realized it wasn’t for me. I’ve met people and thought – now THIS one could be a vampire/were/fae/etc. When I see iron, silver, or wooding pegs, I can’t help but think how those items could be turned into weapons to fight supernatural baddies. After reading Neverwhere, I wasn’t able to look at sewers in the same way. After watching all of Doctor Who, I will never EVER look at statues in the same way. So yes, my world is constantly expanding and changing based on what I read. I think I’ve drawn almost as many “life experiences” from fiction as I have from my actual life, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Another quote from another of my favorite authors to close that thought: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” –George RR Martin

  7. Grr – I keep forgetting the system here edits out anything in brackets. This sentence should read as follows:

    On the downside, they’ve also at times made me look at my partner and wonder why he couldn’t be a little more like *insert hawt romance hero name here*.

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