Mar 26, 2014

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Silly Stuff – Which Fairtytale Creature Are You?

Darynda Jones posted this link on her Facebook page last week and I found it both fun and…disturbing.  Fun because this quiz is just that and disturbing because where I am reading people’s results and they are stating that they are Wizards and Phoenix and Unicorns I ended up being a Dwarf.  Um…okay…

If you want to “play”, click HERE and it will take you to the quiz.  You will be asked to answer a few questions including “How likely are you to introduce yourself to the new guy?” and “Are you always smiling?” and “When is it appropriate to lie?” then you’ll get your answer.  If you are so inclined, come back here afterwards and mark what fairytale creature you are in the comment section below.  I’m hoping there are more Dwarfs out there.  Hate to think I’m the only one lol.

'[49/365] Fairy Tale' photo (c) 2010, Pascal - license:
  1. *snickers* I LOVE quizzes. I don’t care if they’re great wasters of time, they’re so fun 😉

    Also–I’m a dragon.

  2. Hey I’m in the same boat as you – I get Gnome.

  3. I got the dragon! Nice

  4. Northwoman says:

    So I’m a Gnome.

  5. I’m also a gnome! I guess I like it. Gnomes are smart, right?

  6. YAY I love quizzes! 🙂 My results:


    Friends and strangers alike look to you for hope and healing. Your strength and courage are coupled with tenderness, enabling you to bring comfort and hope to the hurting.

  7. Dwarf here!!! I’m not sure what that means…I’ll live though.

  8. Gnome here, too. I would much rather be something cool like a phoenix or a unicorn or a dragon!

  9. I’m a phoenix too, love the characterization 🙂 lol

  10. You have a lot of gnome followers, me too. Apparently we’re great friends 🙂 I like time wasting pointless quizzes too!

  11. I’m a dwarf too! WTH is up with that? *whimpers* I wanted to be a dragon. LOL! It was a really fun quiz and leave it to Darynda to find it 🙂

  12. That was fun…you might be a Dwarf…but I got a Gnome. 😛 Maybe Travelocity needs a new spokesperson. 😉

  13. I’m a Fairy! Hmmmm…. yup, that seems about right 🙂

  14. I’m a Fairy: “Creative and playful, you bring a breath of fresh air even to the tensest situations. You might be shy at first, but you are lighthearted and love to laugh, and those around you find your joy contagious.” 🙂

  15. Lol I am a gnome as well. But there sure are strange questions and I don’t want either answer.

  16. Thank you for the happy comments, evenoyre! Making an animated GIF takes a little bit of planning, but it’s one of my favorite things to do lately. It’s so much fun to make my mochis come to life!For those of you interested in how it’s done, I just take a series of photos and put them together using the animation feature in Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, there are also a few websites that offer free GIF-making software. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

  17. E' ben fatta… mi pare però che sia una "roba" di cattivo gusto. Voglio dire, se le grandi personalità vanno ricordate con delle action figures, a quando quella di ML King, Einstein, Maometto, Gesù, Berlusc… ehm!Oddio… se però pensiamo ai santini che spopolano in ambiente cristiano, queste action figures potrebbero diventare una sorta di Santino 2.0 ^^

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  19. Beautiful, Alexandra. I especially loved this part:“What I want you to know is that you are not what happened to you. Your life is a part of you, but it’s not the whole you.” Definitely strikes a chord. Thank you for putting that into words.

  20. Soniaaaa…mi más sincera enhorabuena !!!Pero qué ilusión más grande me hace ver cómo avanzas. Y si me la hace a mí imagino que tu estarás como en una nube ¿no?Si es que lo que bien se hace bien acaba. Yupiiie. Por supuesto que te seguiré allá donde vayas, ya sea la revista de AR o cualquier otra.Cuenta con mi compañia Bss

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