Apr 7, 2014

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Question – A Few Things About The Black Dagger Brotherhood

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Don’t worry, this is not a spoiler ridden post.

Friday morning, I finished reading The King, the twelfth book in JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I’m still not sure what I think of the book and my review posts tomorrow!  It was not terrible but it was not good either.  It was…well, it was.  (Hopefully I’ll be more articulate in my review tomorrow lol)

While reading The King, many questions came to mind.  None of which were really about the book or the story.  They were mostly about long running series and readers expectations and desires.  So I am going to ask you a few of these questions today to see what you think of this series and this latest book.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have read The King in order to participate in this discussion.

This latest installment was a little softer than the other books in the series.  Meaning, there were no real crazy fight scenes or high stress tension.  Before reading it, I was expecting this to be a ‘filler’ type book and I think I’m right in that thinking.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have a book here or there in a long-running series that is used as a buffer, is it?

The best thing about this series is the relationship between the Brothers.  But now that all of the Brothers are mated and have all seen their own books, Ward has to find new characters to write about.  Non-Brother characters.  Some we’ve known for quite a while in this series and others are newer.  But none have that magic the Brothers had.  Are our expectations too high?  Is it right to expect awesome-sauce-ness this late in the series?

I wonder about this one:  do you like the direction the series seems to be going now?  I am not 100% sure where it’s going after what happens in this latest book but I like where it seems to be headed.  Some plots lines were getting tired so it’s nice to see the possibility for something new on the horizon.  But will something new be true or are the plans to make the Omega and friends the focus once again?  That, of course, will only be answered once the next book comes out.

I didn’t know how I would like The King because it was Wrath and Beth…again.  I don’t mind them but it was more the idea of revisiting an ‘old’ couple that I was not sure of.  But I found I enjoyed seeing them again.  I liked it because there was still much growth to be had on Wrath’s part and I feel Ward wrote that well.  Would you like more books about other main characters from past books?

The King is book 12 and some are calling that enough.  Some are saying that maybe the series needs to wind down.  But twelve is actually not that many books.  The 39th book in JD Robb’s In Death series is slated for release September 1st of this year.  Book number 38 has over 2,800 ratings on Goodreads and they average to 4.14 stars!  Christine Feehan’s Dark series is going to be seeing book number 26 hit shelves this September too.  Book twenty-five has an average 4.31 stars with over 1,900 ratings!  Also something to think about is the first In Death book came out in 1995 and the first Dark book was released in 1999!  What makes these series capable of keeping their readers engrossed and STILL wanting more?!  And does Ward have that sort of sticking power with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series?

Finally, who is your favorite Brother?  Me, I’m not sure.  But I know who it’s not and that this guy is a favorite of many.  I am, of course, talking about Butch.  He’s fine but he’s just okay for me.  Then again, if he gets his own book again, I may change my mind because I certainly did about Wrath.  I used to actually love Phury…until he got his own book.  *sigh*  Now he’s barely even in the series anymore.  Hmm…coincidence?

So there you have it.  Tons of little Questions about the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Love it or hate it, this is a series that gets people talking.  What is it saying to you?
I will be posting my review for The King tomorrow and a heads up, it’s long.  Lots to say…just no rating.  *sigh*  But one will come.  Really.

  1. To be honest, it is probably the last one I will read for awhile. I don’t like the trend since Payne/Manny’s book for it to be more UF than PNR. The main couple is hardly the focus anymore. While I think that will work for some, it just doesn’t work for me. It probably isn’t fair to expect the awesomeness that was the beginning books but alas I do LOL

  2. I”m not quite caught up yet. I wanna read Lover at Last, that is my goal book to read which I have to read Tohrs and Qhuinn’s and when they said there was another WRaith book, that’s a maybe for me. The thing about this series I don’t like is the madness going on. Too many side stories going on and then we have these side stories that have nothing to do with the brothers. UGH. It gets too overwhelming to me sometimes. But I”ve already made this decision but I may just stop/drop this series after Lover at Last or The King. If they have books about favorite characters I’ll probably read it.

    Ward keeping her readers interested? I think if you’re still here you’re invested. You’re invested in the brothers you like where the story is heading with all the non-brother characters. For me I have a love/hate relationship. I”ve rated half of the books good and half bad. I had stayed for certain characters book I wanted to read. WHat would’ve kept me interested was for her to slow down, take out all those side character stories going on with the main one. PNR to me, you need to have MOST of your focus on your main couple. Side stories are okay, but don’t let it encompass the whole story. Like Payne’s book. That book WAS NOT about her. ANd that actually turns me off.

    I have no one favorite. The John, Qhuinn and Blay gang will always be my favorite, though I still gotta read Qhuinn’s book. But among the other brothers. Rhage and Z were my absolute favorites!

  3. I do love this series, but I can’t see that lasting much longer. I miss how the romance use to be the focus, but now it seems like the couple gets maybe 5 chapters to themselves and then it’s all this huge, over arching plot that goes nowhere. I do like the more actiony stuff, but I was disappointed that Blay and Quinn barely got any page time!

    I haven’t read The King yet, but I will as soon as my library gets it in. I was actually quite excited to be visiting an old couple. I’d much rather do that than get books on non-brothers (although I am curious about Trez and IAm). I’d love to see Z again! He’s my favorite and his book made me sob! I also wouldn’t mind some more of Butch and Vishous. 🙂

  4. I haven’t read them all; I gave up quite a while ago on the series; way to convoluted for me. I love HEAs with some action but each book seemed to diversify with many characters all over the place and the romance was lacking…not sure if I’ll read the rest at this time.

  5. Felicia, Mariya, Angie and Diane – You are completely right. The main couple barely has enough time just the two of them anymore. I actually had not thought about that until you brought it up! How had I missed that?! THAT is what this series is missing. Well, that and the camaraderie, which I talk about in my review tomorrow. I miss that too…
    Thanks ladies!

  6. I read the earlier books and loved them. I can’t remember which book was my last and quite honestly, they started to get less and less memorable as I read on in the series. After seeing lots of status updates while people were reading this, I think I’ll pass or wait until I can find the book in the bargain bin.

    Perhaps it’s time for the author to wind the series down.

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