Apr 9, 2014

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Silly Stuff Revisited

On May 23rd 2010 I posted my first ever Silly Stuff post.  It’s still silly…so I thought I’d share it with you once again.  Enjoy 🙂

Oh my, oh my. The stuff you find when you’re surfing the web!

Very clever!

“Yellow curved fruit”?! Who doesn’t know that it’s called a banana?!


Now this would be my daughter’s favorite aisle!  (This would be true in 2010. Now, she’s 9 so…not so much lol)

Can you imagine?! That is not a little mistake! Come to think of it, how could they even make such a mistake?! Prostitution vs. failure to stop at a railroad crossing — not even remotely close to the same thing!

  1. Always fun 🙂

  2. Lol what word should have been there instead of unicorns?

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