Apr 21, 2014

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Question – If The Easter Bunny Could Leave You One Book, Any Book, What Would It Be?

Yesterday was Easter.  It’s one of my kids favorite days because they get fun surprises from the Easter Bunny.  I sometimes wish I got surprises from the Easter bunny…  Book surprises.

When thinking of this yesterday, I wondered what book I would want the Easter Bunny to bring me.  He’s magic of course so that means he could bring me ANY book I wanted!  Oh the possibilities…


I know my Question said one book but c’mon!  As if I could only come up with ONE!  Besides, this is my blog and my Question so I’m bending my rules 😉

There are four books that come to mind when I think about ANY book I want to read like, now.  I would LOVE to read Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews right now.  Can’t wait for that book.  Then I would just love to get my hands on A Secret To Die For, the final book in Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series, Tainted Blood, the next book in ML Brennan’s American Vampire series and Vision in Silver, the next book in Anne Bishop’s The Others series.  Yes, I am aware that those three books are not even fully written yet (or even partially written) but I don’t care.  I want them now.

So what about you?  If the Easter Bunny could leave you one book, any book, what would it be?

  1. Magic Breaks, hands down. Want it, want it NOW.

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  2. Magic Breaks is #2 for me, whereas last year it woulda been #1.

    #1 this year would have to be Vision in Silver, though, because Written in Red and Murder of Crows have both ruined my sleep schedule the days I read them, reading them front to back without stopping.

    Note to self: start next one in the morning, not the evening.

  3. by magic so not wrtitten yet: Pirate’s alley by suzanne jonhson and magic breaks

    now if magic was low and he just had to crash in books depo from publisher: hardback of crown of midnight, dead embers from tg ayer and both book in the big bad wolf by jessie lane

    ( yes that’s more than one but he can make an effort^^)

  4. I can’t wait for A Cursed Bloodline, book# 4, in Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series.

  5. Of course A Secret to Die For… why? Not only because it’s the last book of one of my all time favorite series, but also because I’m on that book bitches!! LOL
    Second it’ll be Vision in Silver. 🙂

  6. Jessica – Yes!

    Iain – Good advice 😉

    miki – LOL

    Fang – Ooo good choice!

    Bookaholic Cat – I can’t wait to see who ‘you’ are in the book!!!

  7. Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh…only due out in September.

  8. I’d like Kim Harrison’s Witch with No Name now instead of September. <3 🙂

  9. Diane – Ooo good one. I am looking forward to that one too!

    Jessica – I have to read that series!!!

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