Apr 23, 2014

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Silly Stuff – Awkward Family Photos Couple’s Edition

I was perusing Awkward Family Photos looking for silly stuff to share with you this week.  I found a few hilarious photos when I noticed a pattern forming.  The photos that I had found to that point were all featuring wedding couples!  So I decided to focus my search on that theme and share with you the funniest couple photos I could find on that site.


Not sure what to say to this lol

What a horrible coincidence lol


The little boy makes me giggle but really, what makes me scratch my head is WHY did the photographer think this would make a good picture?! lol

Again, photographer thought this was a good idea why???


Oh my…


  1. What’s with the little bride and the little groom?
    I feel bad for the bridesmaids in blue, I think the photographer thought they were too ugly for the picture.

  2. The little pixie groom cracks me up. LOL

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